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How to spoil to itself life? Art to be unfortunate

Each person on the planet (well or almost everyone) is sacredly confident that it does everything possible to be happy. All of us try to solve the problems which fall down us, innocent, from heaven on the head. Everywhere it is full of grants how to solve these problems and what to do to catch so desired happiness.

And why nobody says about how to make himself unfortunate? And can we, and without suspecting that, actually we do everything to escape from the happiness where far away?

So if having one fine day woken up in the morning you suddenly will find out that you passion as want to turn somewhat quicker the life into continuous torture and fight for a survival, here to you six simple, but effective councils.

1. Be the finished passive whiner

the nail Broke? Declare arrival of the Apocalypse. You caught a cold? Say goodbye to the family and begin to think of the funeral. Failed session? You can take away documents at once, this the swine - the teacher never offset will deliver you. Why to you to be overstrained, get it together, to smile (here still, and suddenly will reduce face muscles) and to be confident that everything will be as it should be? You seek to be as it is possible more unfortunately - and continue to ache that beyond your powers to cope with the problems.

2. Let the confidence in your ugliness will be unshakable

U you slightly longish nose, too curly hair and a heat-spot for an ear? That, we congratulate, you can proclaim with success yourself the Main Freak of All Times and the People. In any case, even the minimum deviation from 906090 grants to you the right to feel an effigy by which crows in a kitchen garden are frightened. You avoid all mirrors, cover a face with a scarf or you do not go outside at all - there is nothing to frighten people. As soon as some young man (girl) becomes interested in you, know - just he not too well considered you. Or it is the pervert loving similar to you monsters. If someone pays you a sincere compliment - right there shout at the mean liar who so mercilessly rubs to you salt in the wound. The main thing - do not lose for anything faith in own hatefulness.

3. Carp at everything that you see or you hear

My God, well as it is possible to seem on the street in such skirt? With such - that knives... And weather today disgusting, just horror. And where normal guys got to? Around one morons! What crowd, came in large numbers here, there is no place to step... The blockhead, you were late again for three minutes! And in what awful wrapper these flowers! Well why here always traffic jams? Do not dare to touch me, you will spoil a hairdress. I learned everything, and he delivered the three to me again, a reptile!...

the Hint is clear?

4. Look for the half in each passerby

As soon as on the horizon the individual of an opposite sex appears - you right there have to prick up ears: and suddenly it it, only?. And suddenly it it, unique?. Do not forget each passer to represent in the embraces and still it is desirable in the family photo with five children. Put each new acquaintance to the place of the svy imagined spouse, present how he will look in the morning in kitchen in one pants... Make the list of the asked questions, be interested in everything - from addictions to hereditary diseases. Also continue to be disappointed after escape of the next candidate, sighing - ah, and it is not my destiny!

5. Be afraid of everything on light

you are already afraid of spiders and darkness? It is not enough. If you want to be really unfortunate, you should shudder continually. Going in the evening home along the dark street, do not forget - all local tyrants and robbers wait for you behind each corner for a long time. When you conduct the car, be terrified before each turn. And in general, it is dangerous to walk down the street even in the afternoon: and what if to you the piece of some burned satellite falls down the head?

6. The last and most important

All previous councils will not yield result if at you remains though any hope and belief in the best. Just know: all misfortunes of the world are created to happen to you, and then it and will be. You remember - you will never be happy.

Many people, without guessing it, every day put these councils into practice. But you, undoubtedly, will find a lot more different occasions not to be happy. In spite of the fact that the world is beautiful, in it so many disgusting!