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How to create the internal spring? Conversation with the girlfriend of

Again you in grief, my dear. Again swore? How many it is possible to play a cat and mouse? Would agree already about something close and gentle. Remember how you loved it. Remember the spring. No, not so. Let`s create internal feeling of love together. Let`s wake the internal spring. Such state cannot long be in a cage, they need to share, infect all around.

You see small children? As they are cheerful. In itself. They do not need cars, yachts, country houses. They are in love with the whole world which is called Mother. It is also great secret of Love. It in you and in me, it in everyone. Only sometimes sleeps a deep dream.

Let`s remember the very first of love. We will be adjusted on the necessary wave. Felt? Remembered? Wait a moment, do not forget it again. It is such rise, such enthusiasm! It is flight! There is a wish to love all and all. Love somewhere inside, but it overflows, and it wants to be shared. Excellent state! Let`s fix. Let`s remember.

You feel how your hormonal background is reconstructed? The spring puts on weight. The feeling of Love expands. Already you sing! Fly, sing, dance, love! As you are beautiful!

Let`s include a favourite melody. Or your favourite movie is better? Again Girls . You its already hundred times looked. I include! We now with you will remake everything and what we will do then? Immortal movie. Romanticism. Do not leave this wave. Stay a little more. Let`s fix also this state. Or it is better positive news we will look? Again people achieved success! It`s cool. They are fine, and at us with you too.

Listen, and you sometime stole? Yes, is not present, not a thing, and not grooms. States. Let`s stay hunters of happiness. Look, the couple in love goes. They notice nobody around. We get the rocket with homing. Let`s be glad for them openly. People love each other - in it and there are facts of life. Neither melancholy, nor envy, pleasure, comprehensive. It`s a go? You already adjusted yourself on Lyubov.

As sometimes there is a wish to share with someone the most intimate, to hear the tender word in reply. To feel that someone loves you that you are very dear to someone. Therefore we sit with you, the girlfriend, we conjure, internal spring we awake in ourselves. Each our breath - happiness breath, an exhalation - all doubts and chagrin of wons from a sacred vessel! And we will be filled with Lyubov and female happiness.

There now - the Universe sent us many examples, it is time to reproduce this great feeling. Presented me a rare flower in a pot. We write the word Love and we paste it on a watering can. We water a flower, we send it love. It grows! Begins to blossom! Noticed how your female magnetism grew? Eh, the girlfriend, now you not of that need to think, where to take, and of another - how to choose. The problem of the choice is always painful.

Today you will come home, you will look at yourself in a mirror, you will shake the smart bush of hair and fervently so you will ask the blessed: Beautiful? I Think, it will grow dumb with surprise! Also will understand, at last, what diamond in his hands was. It is so much long years! And it, as the blind man who is screwed up saw nothing around.

You know the female mission? You came to this world to learn unconditional Love to yourself and others. Dream of any woman - to be a Woman Mechty. And you already on a threshold of it tomorrow. Let in spring the house, the temple, the heart. You are a Woman!