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Who such prizolova?

are known to All that the people are greedy for free, especially Russian. And at the same time it is unimportant what will get for nothing the main feeling that it is a freebie.

With the advent of advertizing in our country, there were also advertizing campaigns which promise a prize or a prize when performing certain conditions. As a rule, it is meant these conditions that the participant has to collect a certain quantity of components of the advertized goods, namely: labels, lids, etc. That is, it is available certain material expenditure for the advertized product which the potential winner of an action that it collected the necessary quantity etiketochek needs to make.

Certainly if really to be fan of the advertized product and its purchase is brought in daily expenditure for a long time, then, most likely, such action will not cost a pretty penny and it is possible to collect the necessary quantity with ease. And if such product that is called not in vain, then for the sake of a soft toy, a badge or a glass, such expenditure are hardly reasonable. Another matter - sports interest (I will win - I will not win) and all - a freebie.

And here, having united, fans of such stocks, created the special website where so-called prizolova communicate. Also they call themselves not differently as collectors. Only if numismatists collect coins, then prizolova - prizes from actions. And, by the way, now prizolovstvo at the height of fashion. It is worth visiting the site where participants communicate and to see what number of the registered users and those who are on the website in one unit of time it is possible to be convinced of it.

On the website created by prizolova and for prizolov, participants communicate about what actions are now carried out that needs to be done to win prizes. Information is replenished daily. Among prizolov it is considered a good form to share information on new actions with colleagues .

Besides exchange of information, here too actively there is an exchange of one etiketochek or lids on others somewhat quicker to collect the necessary quantity and to win such prize, treasured for each participant.

Prizolova value the image and reputation. Having once deceived, it is possible to undermine confidence to itself, and nobody will begin to deal with such careless participant more. With it will cease to change and will not help to win more a victory in competitions.

The feeling of comradeship - " is very developed at prizolov; inhabitants this website vote for photos, rollers more actively, creating the necessary rating, and also they leave grateful comments in various competitions, the actions which are carried out by initiators.

Prizolova is a certain community where everyone, being a hunter, at the same time is not an egoist and with pleasure it is ready to help the companion on interest. Having learned about a new action, prizol right there starts participating in it. At the same time it does not ask itself(himself) a question whether the hundred first glass or this unattractive color a T-shirt is necessary to it.

Lighting up, prizol it is full of sports passion. Not for nothing some rank this modern hobby as a new sport. The fact of achievement of a goal is important for participants of the actions (prize) and possession of a prize that further it was possible to show it to others, to brag. For them the prize is a peculiar cup for the athlete: the more difficult got, the possession of

At constant participants of advertizing campaigns of the apartment is more pleasant and more prestigious are similar to the museum. What there only you will not see: glasses, undershirts, plates, circles, vases, hours, magnets, Tolstoyans, sometimes meet more valuable prizes, such as digital cameras, cell phones. And all this with the symbolics which was carrying out the share of the company.

With increase in quantity carried out public relations - actions also the number of persons interested to win prizes increases. Someone thirst of a profit, someone - sports interest moves. But, if this community was created and constantly is replenished, it means to somebody it is necessary.