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Who such merchandiser? New professions of

this profession came To Russia quite recently - no more than ten years ago. In Soviet period and needs in it was not. Why to advance goods from the producer to the buyer when any in great demand? Times were replaced, the situation changed, new professions appeared.

Who such this merchandiser? In translation from English merchandising - stimulation and planning of sale. The dictionary of marketing terms transfers this overseas word as planning of advance of the correct goods in the correct quantity to the correct time in the correct place at the correct price. Pretty cool, huh? That is a task of the merchandiser to present to the buyer the goods as correct, necessary.

Giving of the product by means of the mass of methods - from competent advertizing to the self-selling calculation belongs to duties of this employee. The merchandiser has to know and be able a lot of things. Except all tools of scientific marketing, he has to be able and in a warehouse to remove the remains, and to count optimum commodity stocks, trouble-free in a network and without overstocking. To know seasonal and temporary fluctuations of demand. To watch expiration dates. To be able it is beautiful to expose goods. Nobility hot zones and gold regiments in each concrete shop. To be able to count consumer streams and the movement of clients on shop. Was able to carry out an advertizing campaign. To competently stimulate trust of the buyer to new goods.

A lot of things still has to be able. Except the main knowledge of marketing, each merchandiser has to be the great psychologist, a competent communicator. Self-confidence, in the product, in the company is for this purpose necessary. Positive spirit. Cheerfulness. Work this very difficult physically. Though such work is paid it is low. As a rule, as merchandisers young people who only - only enter business of sales work now. It is an excellent springboard - you get practical experience of communication with representatives of retail trade, you see all business from within, you cook in this kitchen. The most successful quickly move ahead on a career ladder and replace eternal movements with calm of a cozy office.

The main requirements to potential merchandisers - the competent speech, the having appearance, a correctness in communication, it is competent to organize vigor, ability the day, skill to communicate, resistance to stress. To all the rest he will be taught in the company.

I remember process of staff recruitment in one of the largest companies - producers. It was necessary to pick up five merchandisers for vacancies. A difficult task - the head set the task: the percent of distribution of the let-out goods in the city has to be not lower than 98%. What? That is practically in each point the goods have to be presented. At the same time no money for introduction of the range was allocated. For performance of this hard task special employees were necessary. Those, which by hook or by crook .

On five vacant positions selected personnel week. There passed about hundred people. Try to listen, test and understand everyone that it the one who will bear policy of the company in masses. Besides, your work will not be made at this time by nobody.

There were both clowns, and conventuals. There were also blank sheets. I do not quote these labels deliberately. Because clowns needed to ask for the next circus. Enchanting spectacle! A blank sheet - generally graduates of schools and institutes. It seems something was heard somewhere, seen, read With great difficulty chose eight people, invited to repeated interview. With long conversation, with traps and examinations. Jointly decided that we will train the brightest five. Also began! Three days a week on 4 - 5 school hours in a subject. Practice together with the expert in fields.

The supervisor directs all merchandisers. It is already blue blood of the company. It tactics which by means of the wards of merchandisers pursues policy of the company, introduces corporate standards in life.

It is necessary to tell that from those five taken newcomers three now, after three years of work in the company and serious career development, have the business. Two went on senior positions to other firms. Good vital school and very successful start.

And how called this profession, new to Russia, - the merchandiser or the merchandiser, the sense does not change. The most important tasks in this profession - advertizing support of goods directly on a point of sale and the competent, speaking calculation of the goods.

Who in merchandisers would go? Let he will be taught!