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What did our ancestors do for preservation of health?

Political storms of the last century in our country struck notable blow to a wise, improving regulation of everyday life. And it was under construction on common sense and a healthy lifestyle of the people. Ordinary habits were brought up since early years and passed from father to son as a standard of behavior. Let`s analyse some of them.

So, morning, washing of children: Ears of soaps? And behind ears? - Aha - the prankish goes on - the child, having only slightly scattered on himself cold water. Now it is difficult for it to understand that mother tries to remove his diseases and an old age that washing behind ears returns energy, cheerfulness. East medicine proved that on an auricle a set of the active points influencing power of almost all body organs. Under ears along a body there pass carotids. Therefore it is useful to wash ears and a neck in the morning, to pound them a towel, to mass. Such all-strengthening massage is included into a complex of the Tibetan and Korean healing.

Our ancestors taught children of a hand to wipe carefully, massing each finger separately. At nails of fingers of hands the power channels regulating work of internals are located. Besides - in the east healers determine degree by flexibility of fingers of hands impurities an organism, and one of ways of its clarification is massage of fingers of hands. So if to take a careful wipe of fingers of hands for a habit, maybe, and east cleaning exercises will not be necessary. Still this ancient Russian recipe relieves of agnails and it is tenacious.

About advantage of a full-fledged breakfast of our ancestors nothing reached, but here the fact that it is impossible to leave the house, without having eaten at least a small piece of bread, without having drunk water, it is known for certain. What for? the Answer is given by yogis. At the beginning and during the asanas they surely drink water. It harmonizes activity of an organism.

Traditional walks on avenues in estates so were widespread that entered classical literature. It is a pity that only as lyrical digressions. But our ancestors knew that trees are not indifferent to people. In the pine wood to pray, in birch to have fun, in fir-tree to hang - the ancient Russian saying claims. The pine and a birch harmoniously feed the person with energy (without surplus as an oak), and the fir-tree, an aspen, a poplar select it. But they - not vampires! These trees well kill pain at inflammatory processes, that is delete excess of the energy which accumulated in some body.

According to modern data, biofield radius at a healthy tree makes 2 - 3 meters. At the patient - much less. Avenues put according to a certain plan so our ancestors, walking on them, received energy from healthy trees. The sick tree either will not help, or will do much harm. In the dense wood people often test dizziness. For health it is more useful to walk on glades or a light forest.

Our ancestors tried to round the room. Icons hung in a place of honor, but not plainly on a wall. And cases put so that to cut off corners. It is interesting that a form of many cult rooms roundish. It is noticed that square and rectangular rooms depress mentality (an exception, perhaps, the pyramid makes). People who are engaged in biofields claim by space power that in roundish, oval rooms energy feeds the person more effectively.

Before going to bed not only in Russia, but also in the east it is accepted to wash legs. It is considered that water washes away not only dirt, fatigue, but also scraps of strangers (not always kind) biofields, levels the course of energy in six power channels located on feet (a bladder, kidneys, a spleen and a pancreas, a liver, a gall bladder, a stomach).

In ancient times in Russia serfs scratched heels to the misters. To peasants scratched heels their children. The serfdom consigned to the past, and our children are far from evangelical precepts. Therefore everyone can mass before going to bed the of a foot. It is even more useful to rub at the same time in skin of feet the vegetable oil containing vitamin E, rejuvenation vitamin. The Russian rural beauties smeared with hempy, linseed or sunflower oil of foot, a hand, a face, a neck.

One more ritual. Before going to bed sit down opposite to a mirror and minutes ten comb hair a nonmetallic hairbrush. Reject all thoughts or think of something pleasant. So prepared for a dream not only in Russia, but also in England, America. Practical Americans called it massage of the head for growth of hair. British and Russians so removed day cares, relaxed, as if turning for a while into the child who is ironed and ironed on the head by the loving mother or the sister.

Something is frequent in article the word " sounds; antiquity . Perhaps, and today there are in families useful customs about which many also do not know. You do not want to share?