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Who such vampires?

Once a story about them directed long ago horror not only at children, but also at adults. Meetings with them were afraid how hell. And now with development of such genre as the comic fantasy, dreams of a meeting with vampires each admirer of these books. The impressionable, flying in clouds young young ladies in the imaginations fall in love with these characters. So who such vampires?

With what everything began?

the Primogenitor of all vampires Dracula for some reason is considered. Absolutely fictional hero whose prototype was valakhsky gospodar Vlad Tsepesh. During lifetime this kinglet was extraordinary blood-thirsty. Waged war with Turks, and brutally tortured prisoners. What only it did not do: also hung up, and chopped off the heads, and on a stake put. Were in its arsenal of torture more terribly, but not about it article. During Tsepesh`s life people were whispered that he cannot live without the bloody victims. After his death the legend of the blood-thirsty vampire Dracula was born. People believed that Vlad did not die, and regenerated, having concluded the bargain with powers of darkness. Since then does not take out the sun therefore sleeps in the afternoon in a coffin, and comes for hunting at night.

However the first cannot consider it. Mentions of the dead, but the living people exist almost in each culture. In early vaviloniysky demonology vampiropodobny spirits Lila meet. In Sumer mythology blood-sicking akshara run the show. These demons were exclusively female and hunted only babies and pregnant women. One of demoness, to Lilit, meets in Judaic demonology later, but already under the changed name of Lilith. In India vampiropodobny beings live in stories about the vetal. The Chinese folklore mentions the limping corpses, however, eating not on blood, and energy tsi.

In ancient Egypt the goddess Sekhmet was out for blood. Rome called illusive bloodsuckers by lamiya, empuza and lemurs. The mythological vampire famous to us was given birth in east Evroppa from Slavic folklore. Here we, at last, meet the being killing people drinking their blood or I smother. According to the same myths, it was possible to kill a vampinr only having cut off him the head, having stuck a wooden stake into heart or having set fire to a corpse.

Such different and similar by

B Slavic vampires almost everyone could be enlisted. Given rise in a shirt (a water cover), with teeth or a tail the child, even conceived in certain days, was automatically ranked as bloodsuckers and destroyed. Wrong (cruel, violent) the death or suicide, excommunication and the wrong funeral could be the cause for transfer in vampires too. The stake in heart appeared, by the way, as prevention from awakening of the vampire. It had to is hammered through a corpse into the earth that the dead person could not rise. By the way, in Old Russian anti-pagan work Saint Grigory`s Word it was approved as if the Russian pagans made a bloody sacrifice to vampires.

There is nothing surprising that surrounded with the Slavic countries of Romania too teemed with myths about vampires. And, they were surprisingly similar. The reasons for the announcement you was a vampire enough too. Given rise in to a " shirt; with an excess nipple, excess hair, given rise too early, born at mother whom the black cat crossed the road, the born with a tail, illegitimate children, and also the dead by unnatural death or the dead to a baptism were doomed to become vampires. As well as the seventh child of the same floor in a family, the child of the pregnant woman who did not eat salt or at whom the vampire or the witch looked.

Vampires were revealed in church, giving all garlic and watching those who did not eat. From - for suspicions of vampirism after death of the person of a grave left open from three to seven years to check whether there will be no dead person from a coffin.

Roma had the vampire a person having disgusting appearance, any ugliness (six fingers, a tail). That whose death nobody saw or whose corpse swelled before he was buried became the vampire also. Animals, plants and even tools for work on the earth could become vampires too.

New life after death New life myths about vampires received

in the 18th century in East Evroppa. Then all participated in hunting for them, even government employees. Everything began with complaints in East Prussia. People believed that all people who did not die a natural death were killed by vampires. In villages panic began. Impressionable and timid farmers began to open graves in search of ruddy corpses. Flash of panic thanks to the empress Miriya Terezia ended. She sent the personal doctor to investigate several cases on vampires. That surveyed bodies, found out the reasons and concluded that vampires do not exist. Then the law forbidding opening of graves was adopted and the mankind did not manage to Forget defilement of ph.

about these blood-thirsty beings any more. In many respects from - for abundances of similar characters in fiction. Did not cease to believe in vampires, however, it is not folklore awful characters, but a uniform artistic image.

The present

in the twenty first century rumors about attack of vampires captured the African country to Malavy. The crowd attacked several people whose skred also city governor appeared. One person was to death killed with stones. In Romania relatives of once favourite, but deceased person opened a grave and pulled out to the dead person heart, burned a corpse and mixed ashes with water then to drink and escape from a vampirism virus. In England rumors about the people bitten by the vampire were spread, but the police quickly stopped them, having declared that similar crimes were not committed.

The modern science recognizes the term vampirism , but it is used only in botany and zoology. Also treats bloodsuckers, a mistletoe, some species of bats and other organisms which exhaust corporal liquid from other beings. So any impressionable young lady can embody dream of a meeting with the vampire. For this purpose it is enough to prescribe himself treatment by bloodsuckers.