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Complaint book. How to use it?

Each person in the world are a consumer of goods and services. However in Russia quality of goods, and in particular services, leaves much to be desired. Even foreigners who are usually served in our country much better than Russians not once faced rudeness, roughness or low-quality goods. What to tell about ordinary citizens.

The only thing that else sellers, it are afraid of the mysterious organization Rospotrebnadzor. However, the address there on trifles appears to itself more expensive. Because, as well as any big state and official organization, Rospotrebnadzor demands proofs. And you will not sew rudeness to business even if there is an audio - or video.

On this case there is also a complaint book. Its official name - Visitors book . We is rare when about it we remember, considering inefficient in the solution of real problems. However here we are not absolutely right. This book can be effective at the correct use. Very often owners of firms do not suspect about what happens at them near by. In this case, having made the one and only record, it is possible to change a situation to the best.

Before leaving the autograph in the Complaint book, be convinced that it correct and conforms to requirements of the law. Otherwise, you will already have an argument for the appeal to Rospotrebnadzor. The present complaint book is completely numbered, strung together also with the press from sealing wax. It becomes in order that the unfair seller had no temptation to pull out the objectionable page. Near the press there has to be a signature of the head. In a notebook on one party - the place for contacts and comments of administration, on another - for the complaint. Externally the notebook can be different, but the main thing that it was issued by the responsible person.

At the very beginning of the book, on the first page or pages, the instruction has to be placed. A task of this instruction - to help the person who decided to use the book for the first time. In the same place also phones of the administration, and also State Trade Inspection, department of the consumer market and services of the city, prefecture and a justice have to be specified. That is, those organizations in which it is possible to complain of this firm.

Some think that the visitors` book is such notebook in a section (or in a lineechka, a coma as it is pleasant more). Actually it is the official document. And, as any official document, is subject to registration, of course, provided that it is the correct book. Otherwise, it is a reason for the appeal to supervisory authorities. Correctly issued complaint book nobody has the right to throw out. Any seller of goods or service will not take this step because to replace the old book on new it is possible only at full filling of all its pages.

You can demand the visitors book in any organization or firm which renders services or sells goods. Even in militia there is a book of complaints so if something happens I recommend to use it. I can precisely tell that in militia will precisely react to your record there. The book has to be in any organization on the place, visible to consumers. Have to provide it according to the first requirement. If provided it in your use according to the second requirement, it has to be reflected in your complaint too. You are not obliged to explain to someone why for you suddenly it was necessary. Especially, are not obliged to show the documents.

Record should be made as much as possible detailed. But you should not state an event step by step. Only essence. For example, the seller F. I. O. did not serve me at 00 hours 00 minutes. At the same time it was absolutely free, and on a request to pay me attention reacted with the phrase: I have no time . Itself spoke by the mobile phone at this time. The more detailed information you will leave, the chance is more that measures will be taken.

By the way, under the law you have to not only to provide with the handle for writing of the complaint, but also to provide a table and a chair. Not superfluous will be to show this knowledge to unfair employees of firm. As shows the practicians, people knowing the rights and able to demand their observance in our country respect.

According to the same legislation, the director or his deputy are obliged to consider the complaint introduced in the book within two days. That is, you have the right to count that your remark will be seen the most bigger, in two days. Then within five days they are obliged to understand attentively an essence of a question and to take measures to elimination of shortcomings and violations in work of the enterprise. To learn whether these measures were taken, it is enough to visit the enterprise again and to glance in the book. On other party of that leaf where you stated the offer, there has to be a mark about the taken measures. By the way, if you left the address, also the written answer in five-day time are obliged to send you.

It is worth remembering that information left by you in the complaint book is not confidential therefore any person who took the book in hand can use it.

If for some reasons on taking measures to your complaint more time is required, then about it have to write a leaf on the back too. This bigger term should not exceed fifteen days at all. Everything that was listed above, it ideally. In reality laws on complaints in the visitors book are seldom observed.

That is, on your complaint can how to react, and is not present. However, every year heads who pay attention to complaints of consumers become more and more. Nobody wants to lose clients. And that the most interesting, is generally heads of the small enterprises. And here the big enterprises, for example, solid banks or huge shops with a large number of branches, remain are deaf.

Most often you meet just refusal to provide the book. Excuses can be the most different. Can tell that it on registration (it is the most widespread), or that the administration decided to get acquainted with it closer and now it at them (it, it) at home. And can tell nothing in general. It is simple to deprive of you legitimate right.

Under the law even if the book is on registration, are obliged to give you two sheets of paper. On them it is necessary to state an essence of the claims in duplicate. One of sheets will remain in shop. Another on which there will be a list about obtaining the complaint will remain at you.

In case of full refusal in providing legitimate right two exits have to complain. The first of them is to try to contact the higher employee and to explain a situation. After these explanations disappeared or being at administration the book is. But not always. If was not, you should not waste more time, it is necessary to make the written complaint to refusal in providing the complaint book. Surely in duplicate. A drawing up form any, but It should be noted the facts in more detail: names, time, date. One of copies is given to the representative of the organization of which you complain, the second with the signature about obtaining the complaint remains at you. If refuse to accept the complaint, it can be sent the registered mail with the assurance of receipt.

The copy of the complaint should be sent also to Department of the consumer market of the city and territorial administration of Rospotrebnadzor. Are obliged to consider your complaint and to take the appropriate measures within a month. - to send you a detailed report about the taken measures. Everything needs to be done in writing to exclude an opportunity to forget about your complaint.

Though business reaches serious measures seldom. And all because to us laziness to fight for the rights.