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How the personal blog can help to create your personal brand?

Probably, many heard this popular song:

Pu - pu - pu - start up not everything agree,

That we here such cool

But it is not an occasion to long!
here to post

A - an occasion!

Why there is more to come know about your great achievements and extraordinary high professionalism? Personal diary (blog) also has to convince these discordant. But here is how to be if these discordant - well, do not want to agree in any way? How to convince them?

Of course, all you will not convince, but to drag on the party part doubting quite perhaps.

The personal blog today - already integral part of image of the professional in the field of IT. And in many others, especially adjacent with IT areas, too! And tomorrow it, this blog, will obviously consider along with the summary and a portfolio. As the clever bourgeois blogger subsequently invited in the " newspaper spoke; Tayms : Tomorrow anybody to nobody will need your summary any more. Google will tell about you much more, than the fullest summary!

So, about what to write - that that it was not painful Then littera scripta manet! Especially from consciousness of future clients, colleagues and just readers.

1. First of all, about the progress! Professional, including. End difficult (and not only) the project is simply obliged to be reflected in your personal blog if it, this project, does not represent a trade secret. Your progress forms not only a portfolio (what is it, I hope, it is not necessary to explain), but also forms a certain aura of professionalism and trust at readers. Not at all, however, but at many.

2. In your personal blog, it is better in a visible place or on a separate page, your credo - the set of vital rules and values has to be published. You need clients. And clients need iron confidence that you solve their problems. And here the decision to choose you or another, ripens, including, and on the basis of knowledge of your system of values. So why to the client to think out her, this system! Here it, is written Read!

3. Statements of the pro of your professional area about, favourite. It is not necessary only for modesty, do not pay for it, and at the same time bragging, do not trust boasters. And any reputation is under construction on trust!

4. And statements of happy clients will not prevent too. But here it is necessary to get personal or official permission to the publication and to specify, besides with the consent of the client, his contact information.

5. If you gave interview some authoritative (or not really) to the edition, it is not necessary to publish entirely it in the blog, even with reference to a source. People in the majority are lazy and will not click the link of this. What for? Here and so everything is written And your personal IMHO - posts and answers to the questions correspondent will just mix up in his head. And it usually does not promote emergence of trust. Be limited to ascertaining of the fact and give the reference. Let the reader will make sure that this is true. The trust to you will only increase.

6. Publish controversial issues from the field of activity and tell what you see the answer. Better in this publication to get into dispute, let and virtual, with some guru from your professional sphere. In what you agree with it and, the main thing, than do not agree. Especially emphasize differences of opinion. Then this post can be dispatched in professional (for your field of activity) the Internet - communities and quite often to it, a post to it, to come back, commenting on comments.

7. Scandals, arrivals charge of nonprofessionalism - an integral part of today`s professional ethics. Unfortunately Never it is necessary to suppress scandals and skandalchik. Then it will only be worse, all the same learn about it. Take the lead - describe a situation as much as possible neutrally and state the point of view about it. By the way, skandalchik such at some skill can be arranged and most! Advertizing is excellent! Only not to go too far

8. the Person - a being mistrustful He always doubts. Even if does not show it. Make so that it was possible to communicate to you alive or maybe to meet. Specify how and when it can be made. The more will be at the client of communication channels, the better!

9. Well, also do not forget about personal. Stories about your family, habits, hobbies will not be superfluous too.

So, summary. Posts in the personal professional blog have to answer with

the following questions:

1. What my system of values?

2. And what I it know and I am able what is not known and others are not able? What problems I can solve better (more effectively) than others?

3. What my professional achievements?

4. Which of authorities on my area can confirm it?

5. Who and how can confirm quality of my goods (products, services)?

6. On what should be focused also what to reject?

7. That (and as) I answer on intrigues competitors and ill-wishers?

8. Where how and when it is possible to communicate to me alive ?

9. What else speaks to people about me as about the unique personality?

Well, on it I will finish. The main thing - sense of proportion! I hope, it will not bring you!