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What Henri Bosko wrote about? (Story Henri Bosko Malyche and river)

Henri Bosko`s Book Malyche and river it was written in rough, victorious, difficult 1945. And somehow it is not believed that then this history was born - a parable, reading which you remember stories of other French - Little Prince And. Saint - Ekzyuperi and Eye of a wolf D. Pennac. Their perspective has something in common a little, and here ability to transfer the world of meanings and images at a minimum of action and heroes, to touch and soften, the truth not as it becomes in the American melodramas and to create the book for all age all above-stated French showed.

To tell the truth, about Henri Bosko we know very little, in all articles and notes only those information with which the Scooter supplied are retold. Namely that the author in the period of the Third republic was born 120 years ago, and died already in the period of the Fifth republic, grew up and lived in Provence, more than 30 novels, books for children and poems were the author, and still is one of the most published writers of France. Novel Malyche and river become classics of the French literature for youth, it was translated into forty languages.

The genre of the book is defined as novel the truth occupies this novel only 123 pages, heroes novel it is possible to count on fingers of one hand and if to throw out all descriptions from the book and to leave a naked action, then from 124 pages there will be at most 5 - 6. But it is impossible to throw out these descriptions at all! They create the slow and mysterious atmosphere, immerse in attitudes of the main character.

The main character of the book - the boy Pascal. Very susceptible, it, as well as any child, constantly attracts to novel. He lives in the house on the river bank together with the aunt. Parents constantly on a trip.

- Play where you want, - the father warned me, - it is enough place. But to the river I to you forbid to go. mother added


- Malyche, know, in the river there are a lot of bottomless whirlpools, you there will drown at once, snakes are found in canes, and Roma wander about coast. Certainly, these cautions forced me to dream of the river day and night even more. And as heart grew cold with fear, I passionately wanted to see it.

Of course, eventually, the boy runs away to the river, there and there is all history.

So, about what the book? At all not about extraordinary adventures and not about satisfaction of children`s curiosity. The book simple images and descriptions tells about finding of harmony with the nature:

Our livelihood depended only on ourselves. And what livelihood! Not the usual bought products prepared and given someone to others, and our own food: fish hooked by us which should be cleaned, seasoned and baked.

Besides secret properties of such food give the one who tastes it, miracle force. Through food life connects to the nature. Therefore between us and elements surprising connection was soon established. We as though rediscovered water, the earth, fire and the sky.

This harmony with the nature helps to rise Pascal by the level of original feelings, to learn fear, awe, a true friendship and loss. At the same time the author does not idealize this world " at all; nature and authenticity on the contrary, the kid madly hard was given this knowledge and this experience. Its finding turned back a long illness.

But comes to an end everything very well!

Here I was covered by an attack of affected horror. It was delightful feeling. Children like to fade with fear. When you pretend that to you it is terrible from the imagined danger, it is all the same very terrible. And it is one one of the best pleasures!

the Age category for which one of " is intended; The Best new books it is defined by publishers as younger and middle school age . But most likely, readers of younger school age if become interested in the book, then not everyone will understand its semantic layers . Therefore it is worth reading or at more advanced age, or just to re-read. And not only on average school, but also at the senior school, and absolutely not school age. Because this history is good for all.

Reduced to only several clear thoughts, the fairy tale can seem to someone superficial, and meanwhile its naive simplicity no other than the wisdom of ancient human experience cleared for centuries.

True wisdom if it exists in real life, does not happen gloomy. It either inspires people, or the imagination awakes. Then it as in this fairy tale, what she teaches to turns into entertainment, but, - it is deep, and its wise simplicity fascinates.