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Whether prevention is necessary in the fall to pets?

I here again there came September, the fall came. All of us returned to city apartments and the pets took with ourselves. Anti-flea collars are cut off and thrown out, dogs - cats are washed, scented, laid, well, and we, respectively, are weakened and quiet.

And it is valid what to endure? The summer came to an end, at night any more nearly minus so it seems to us that the problem of fleas and pincers remained in the past and expects us, at least, only next spring!

But, alas and ah... The most dangerous season just autumn. Most often dogs are bitten and infect with a piroplasmosis pincers of the sorts Dermacentor and of Rhipicephalus in the fall! Be good owners, do not regret excess 500 rubles and process the animal preparations against fleas and ticks!

Any kind will approach: Frontlayn, Advantazh, Advantiks. And whoever what told, but also our domestic, cheap Leopard is able to save your animal from ticks and fleas. The only thing that needs to be remembered surely: processing by our preparations has to be carried out more often! And still: if your animal the allergic person, is better to use Frontlayn, at this preparation toxicity is lower.

The same question is often set: what it is better - drops or spray? They are equally good, just if you have a little animal, to 10 kilograms, it will be more convenient to you to process it spray; if large, then drops approach. Whether the collar is necessary if you processed a dog drops or spray? Yes, it is necessary, in this question protection superfluous does not happen!

From collars Kiltiks and Hartz best of all proved. Also from a piroplasmosis there is a vaccine, however, opinion of veterinarians into its account ambiguously and to get it in Russia extremely difficult. Nevertheless I will provide its name - of PIRODOG , Merital is made by the French company.

But also after processing by all preparations everything is there can be a trouble, then you will see the first symptoms of a piroplasmosis at the pet: slackness, weakness, the increased temperature (to 42 º C), pale or yellowish coloring of mucous, it is reddish - or zelenovato - brown urine, refusal of food. Take vetpreparat Veriben and use according to the instruction which is attached to it. And after that urgently call in a vetklinik!

A little in more detail about Veribena. It is the veterinary preparation which does not have analogs, is on sale freely without recipe in any pet-shop. Veriben helped to save life not to one dog, it is the best of all to buy him and let to himself lie, just in case! The piroplasmosis is that disease with which treatment the rule works: what began to treat earlier, that a success high probability!

A now a little bit about cats. Your pussycat lives at home and does not go outside, and you - that definitely have nothing to worry? As if not so! The pussycats living in apartment houses it is necessary to process from fleas and ticks nearly more often than the pussycats living out of town.

in the Fall from all neighboring garbage cans and other lush places to our cellars rats last. And all nothing, but with themselves they bring also the lodgers - fleas, pincers and other parasites. From cellars insects get to an entrance, and from there comfortably reach on our trousers and tails of the coat to apartments. And here they are waited by our soft and fluffy pussycats - well, just beauty!

So if do not want to treat consequences, it is better to carry out prevention! Process your cat - a cat, one of anti-flea preparations which names I gave above, and the main thing regularly carry out processing of a floor of a hall and any rugs lying before an entrance door! For this purpose preparations Neostomozan or Butoks - 50 will approach .

the Best method of treatment - prevention! This statement belongs not only to fleas and ticks, but also to all other species of parasites. Process in due time the pussycats and dogs from fleas, ticks, worms, do not forget to do in due time inoculations. You love the animals and always you remember: we in the answer for those who were tamed!