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And whether happens swan fidelity at people? Having seen part 2

once on a cover of the " magazine; Ukraine a photo of the beautiful girl - 17 - the summer winner of a republican amateur arts festival Sofia Rotaru - Evdokimenko`s Roofing felt, going then conscription service to armies, fell in love with her at first sight. Having hung up the photo of the beautiful stranger over the bed, he until the end of service admired it and showed to friends, assuring that it after service will surely find it.

And it is valid, having served, Anatoly moved off in searches. He found for the beloved in Chernivtsi, having found out about the address of the hostel of musical school where she lived But, probably, the young man in love did not make due impression on girl of the dream and obstinate farmer two years rejected his courtings, without paying to it attention at all, sending instead of itself on appointments of girlfriends.

But Anatoly did not give up. He asked for the help the brother, the first secretary of regional committee of Komsomol. Phone call from regional committee excited all hostel: Sleepyhead! It is rather! You from regional committee are asked! Having flown up to phone, the girl heard a voice of the bothered boyfriend: Only do not hang up!

On September 22, 1968 they got married. Three days and three nights sang and danced a rural wedding, all village walked. Domestic wines flowed like water, the Ukrainian and Moldavian songs sounded. And the bride - any more not the that obstinate and unapproachable kapriznitsa and happy newly married - cheerfully danced together with all. Even the begun rain did not become a hindrance. Been dripping wet, in a long wedding dress the Sleepyhead had fun with all the heart.

It is visible, she whom the Destiny presented to it in husbands and therefore it rejoiced understood. In several years in one of the interviews the singer will tell: The only and true love of all my life is a husband Tolik. I without it as without hands. No, as without voice! It both the adviser, and the assistant, and the friend, and even the loader - suits, the equipment, all heavy. And, above all - he is a director and the director of all my programs. Of course, we are tired from each other, but if there is a true love, then all this is unimportant. I saw not at once in is mute that only thing - for the rest of life, but now precisely I know: Roofing felt for me - a godsend .

The husband, continuing the begun subject, not less delightfully spoke of the darling: And I without it - anywhere. All economy on it: she prepares as at the best restaurants, and we live in perfect harmony. On a horoscope it lioness and in life - a tigress. It is impossible to outargue her, but we quarrel seldom .

Subsequently Anatoly Evdokimenko became the artistic director of ensemble and the wife`s producer. As well as in any family, were in Evdokimenko`s family - to Rotar both pleasures, and adversities, but the true swan fidelity, devotion and tenderness on the relation to each other stored and supported them on a course of life.

Long-awaited pleasure was the son Ruslan`s birth in 1970.

At the " festival; The Song - 75 the final was reached by songs Swan fidelity and Apple-trees in bloom executed by Sofia Rotaru.

And in 1976 the singer on the advice of doctors from - for the beginning asthma together with the husband and the kid moved to Yalta. But nevertheless from - for a nerve strain (6 years without holiday, shooting at cinema and constant tours), it had to perform in a row two urgent operations on vocal chords.

Month of silence and year without favourite business (it was impossible to sing) seemed to Sofia eternity. But support and love of the loved one helped to cope both with an illness, and with a depression And again happy days in love and a consent send the train, small and big pleasures of family life, favourite creativity...

Unexpectedly the trouble burst... In 1997 made to Anatoly the scary diagnosis - a brain cancer. Sofia Mikhaelovna made everything, depending on her to cure the husband. In difficult moments she did not move a step from the spouse. All money earned with it went on expensive drugs their grandsons - Tolik and Sonechka were

the Only pleasure for both of them then. And, it seems, was on the mend, but the husband had the fourth stroke To Rotar cancelled concerts and urgently took off for Kiev. Anatoly was already in a coma. In several hours, carried out at the husband`s bed, the singer, despite his unconsciousness, talked to it, remembering all happy moments of their joint life.

Also there was a miracle! Anatoly Kirillovich unexpectedly opened eyes! To rotor began to call doctors, but several minutes later at the spouse heart " stopped; Farewell, my love! I know, you just fell asleep and will surely return to me - Sonya quietly whispered to Anatoly on a funeral and unconscious fell on hands of the son standing behind her

One on light you forever at me,

One on light you with me day by day.

Fly, be not afraid, my heart where you.

Ya all over the world collected your love as flowers .

- If you meet the worthy person, agree to marry once again? - the question by journalists " was asked; Komsomolskaya Pravda to the singer on recent anniversary.

- My one and only love - my husband Anatoly, - she answered. - Life presented us 35 years of happiness. And, in spite of the fact that I so lack it now, my love did not pass, it is with me. So about second marriage out of the question. And I want to wish to your readers: Love carelessly and all heart!