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And whether happens swan fidelity at people? Part 1

Over the earth swans

in the Sunny day

flew Was it light-and it is joyful

In the sky together

Beauty, talent, a voice, unusual sincere qualities, force and firmness without which hardly there would be a future - and as result happy destiny Unless all this in total - not signs of a God`s spark which marked the person?! Our bright pearl - really national singer and the actress of Ukraine - Sofia Rotaru is the embodiment and an example here it, God of the marked-out person.

But today I want not about it Observing life of public people recently, noting - it is free or involuntarily - any milestones of their life, we even more often understand that before us (the audience, the people) artificially created, beautiful stories reminding brazilsko - the Mexican series or epatazhno - detective plots - depending on style and charisma of the hero often develop.

All this is called a public relations, work on image and plays a large role as in to promotion future idol, and in the subsequent warming up of interest in his person and to to not overgrowing of a national track to its feet. Yes, in conditions when you in full view of all honest people, of course, it is difficult to hide something from the biography and private life. Especially now, when for hot details to journalists began to pay quite good money to

Here and the army of active paparazzi on a potreba " stamps; not star yearned on to the fried facts crowds burning details from life of celebrities, trying to please expectations of the people and extreme fans. Someone from stars it even pleases on what they also successfully play. It and is clear: having favourably presented the family cataclysms, it is possible to make good advertizing as it, no offense meant, turned out at Valeria. After it exactly - in - exactly everything was repeated by Jasmin Well, each to their own, as they say. Time and public will judge.

Whether having succeeded on a scene, on a podium or in policy, both western, and our celebrities without exception open the, already advertized fashion lines, footwear, cosmetics and spirits, nominal boutiques Our glorified Prima donna (besides no offense meant ) tried to adjust release and " too; footwear from Pugachyovy both spirits, and even corn sticks, but - as joke in the people - best of all it nevertheless was successful the " line; husbands from Pugachyovy .

Whatever you may say, and durable marriage among actors - a big rarity. And therefore against Sofia Rotaru and Anatoly Evdokimenko`s happy union shocking public of all loud stains and family dramas was even a little strange. No, not so - it was unusual And again not so - it is rather, it was too good and beautiful that it is frank to trust in it.

Understanding all strength of the personality Sofia Rotaru, of course, the fact that this strong-willed woman just was not able to afford any weak point arises with a secret conclusion: it had to have ideal everything.

And even at any disagreements if those also were, it strong kept in a family in the soft, but strong pads (being lioness on a horoscope), a family also could not allow reins of government that notorious litter from a log hut became public

But now when already much happy years of a fine married couple remained behind, you understand, as life, and love of these worthy talented people was not either public relations, or advertizing, or the thought-up history. And not thought up life goes on though it was left by one of spouses - the colleague, the friend, the husband, the father and a support of a family

As I now without you, favourite

our coast float by

But! There will pass this night, and I will be with you
As this beautiful novel began