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How to develop brain hemispheres?

Here all got used that it is necessary to develop memory, attention, intelligence, the body to improve. But for some reason at the same time very few people pay attention to a brain on which development of all this in most cases and depends. Even the body to develop and will not be improved if before it the brain properly is not adjusted and will not consider how to be risen to work on a body.

All know well that the brain consists of two parts: left and right. They are engaged in different affairs. And at the same time at someone the left part, at someone right, and at the happiest both functions better. Win, naturally, the last, using the wealth as much as possible.

The left hemisphere thinks logically. Right helps to create new, to generate ideas as now it is fashionable to tell it. However it is possible to be the mathematician with well developed left hemisphere and at the same time to invent nothing new. And it is possible to be the creator and to pour ideas on the left and to the right and not to realize any of them from - for inconsistency and an illogicality of the actions. Such people meet too. Also they lack only one: works on improvement of the brain, its reduction in a harmonious state.

And meanwhile psychophysiologists developed system of exercises for this purpose for a long time. Well in this regard to musicians, for example, to pianists. They since the early childhood were already done harmonious. The most important tool for development of a brain are hands. Working with two hands, the person develops both hemispheres.

So, we will pass to exercises. Many of them to us are well-known since the childhood.

1. The Ear - a nose . The left hand we undertake a nose tip, and right - an opposite ear, i.e. left. At the same time release an ear and a nose, clap, change position of hands exactly the opposite . I tried, in the childhood it turned out better.

2. Mirror drawing . Put a clean sheet of paper on a table, take on a pencil. Draw at the same time both hands specularly - symmetric drawings, letters. When performing this exercise you have to feel relaxation of eyes and hands because during the simultaneous work of both hemispheres overall performance of all brain improves.

3. Ringlet . Serially and very quickly we touch fingers of hands, connecting in a ring to a thumb index, average, anonymous, a little finger. At first it is possible each hand separately, then at the same time two hands.

Now we will remember physical education classes. Not without reason we were forced to do exercises in which it was necessary left to touch to the right leg and vice versa. They develop our hemispheres too, and help them to work in coordination.

Remarkably neurolinguistic programming, in abbreviated form the NLP helps to develop brain hemispheres. I liked one of the NLP equipment which is called Ambulance .

It helps to remove an emotional pressure, improves working capacity, develops attention, thinking and mezhpolusharny communications. To carry out this exercise difficult and at the same time it is interesting.

I explain an operations procedure. Before you the leaf with alphabet letters, almost all lies. Under each letter letters L, P or are written Century. The top letter blabs out, and lower designates the movement by hands. The l - the left hand is raised to the left side, P - the right hand is raised to the right side, In - both hands are raised up. Everything is very simple if it was not so difficult to do all this at the same time. Exercise is carried out in sequence from the first letter to the last, then from the last letter to the first. On a leaf the following is written down.

A B of V G D


of E Zh of Z And K

of V L P of V of L


of L of P L L P

of P C of T of U F

of V P L P V

X C Ch Sh Ya

of L B of V P of L

Here can so develop the precious brain for the benefit to itself. Train on health and with pleasure! And, above all, feel a difference among themselves former and yourself trained!