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The biggest secret of a civilization, or All of us is from Lemuriya?

We live on the planet of secrets. Secrets surrounded mankind at all times, and in our up-to-date days their quantity did not decrease at all. But, perhaps, the biggest riddle was and there is an answer to an immemorial question - as our civilization arose?

From century to century, from the millennium in the millennium, smoothly flowing, this question successfully lived up to now, and today we with the same diligence, as well as our ancient ancestors, we look for on it the answer. Also we will try to povoroshit sand of times and to try to understand the secrets surrounding this the biggest of secrets.

So what we have?

Legends of Lemuriya

you did not reflect why fairy tales with a one-eyed giant as one of the main characters are so popular with the different people living in a different doomsday? And everything put - that that 850 thousand years ago once upon a time there was an island in the Indian Ocean, the island with highly developed civilization bearing a sonorous name of Lemuriya. As a result of natural disaster - a flood, a volcanic eruption or maybe of falling of a meteorite, already and not to sort behind prescription of years - the island died, there were from it one fragments in the form of present Madagascar and Ceylon, and the survived lemuriyets were settled on nearby lands. You will tell at what here a Cyclops? Yes just on the island huge humanoids with the third eye also lived in a forehead (two small were present too, but were less noticeable). As it is a pity, but the death of the island put an end to this civilization, and the survived giants gradually of a povymerla everything, however, died out they long enough, so, that managed to leave the mark in fairy tales of people of the world. Secret?

Tribe of giants

A here one more. Too much on our planet of huge constructions - megaliths (the knowing reader at once will remember dolmens, Stonehenge, pyramids on different continents, the cities of the Maya, the temple of Jupiter in Baalbek and that, it is possible to list long). It is possible to explain, of course, similar constructions with skill of ancient builders, but why about 2000 years ago huge constructions suddenly practically ceased to appear on our planet? What, was built, built and suddenly ceased? Bothered, likely. Well, not in it business, clever people say. Just there lived on Earth earlier the tribe of giants (descendants of those inhabitants of Lemuriya, and maybe Atlases - we still will talk about them), they had both force, and wisdom, built a lot of things interesting all over the world, and in passing imparted the knowledge to confused indigenous people thanks to what already ancient Maya, for example, created almost modern calendar and thought up number 0 (!) .

The blossoming Antarctica

If to move time tape from Lemuriya a little closer by our era, then. Yes, exactly there, on the continent which today is held down by a thick armor of ices there was an ancient civilization, and its inhabitants 15000 years ago, escaping of the Ice Age caused by the shift of poles scattered in all directions all over the world, got accustomed who where brought together with the emergence new knowledge to dark natives. And together with knowledge built in Egypt, South America and other interesting places of pyramids, sphinxes, temples and other megalytic constructions. Supporters of this theory of an origin of our civilization give numerous ancient cards with the image of Antarctica as proofs, free from ices; date an origin of a sphinx, pyramids, huge idols of Easter Island, the temple and gate of the Sun in Tiwanaku and other impressive constructions of the past much earlier dates, than it is accepted. And, by the way, remember existence of numerous legends at many native people of the fair-haired seafarers who brought with themselves light of education.

The secret of death of Atlantis is remembered by

Due to the aforesaid the world famous myth Atlantis buried by the water abyss somewhere near the Strait of Gibraltar about 12000 years ago (though, there are also other options of the location and, actually, a sinking. And one of the locations of Atlantis is called Antarctica). How many copies are broken on existence of this developed state! The truth is known, likely, only by Platon who told of it in the dialogues. Or rather, he knows whether he thought up this history or really wrote down the story of Ancient Egyptian priests (according to Solon, notice!). Reliability of history gives, undoubtedly, the story about death of the island - the state buried by an awful flood, legends on which remained in myths and legends of the different people. It is possible to claim, of course, that Platon was a little not in himself when wrote the compositions, maybe, wanted to joke of descendants. But how then all that numerous coincidence checked by time, the come true predictions, the description of the technologies existing at Atlases, metals which appeared is much later than Platon`s activity? Secret?

The message of other worlds we will be transferred by

A to those regions now what were one of places of landing of troops of the freezing Antarctica (or the Atlases who were dripping wet?) - to Egypt. Mysterious pyramids, the only escaped ancient wonder of the world, are a point of collision of authors of various hypotheses of an origin of the modern world to this day. One of them, sweeping aside some there refugees from Antarctica at all, questions: that is why these three pyramids constructed not to the line, and not somehow, and precisely as stars in the Hunter`s belt from constellation of Orion? And why to them the mines located under such corner what look at separate stars of the same Orion and to Sirius - a star in constellation of the Canis Major, a dog of the hunter of Orion? And in general, why built such huge pyramids where Pharaohs - that?

And then all this, supporters of this hypothesis say that not some there fair-haired seafarers constructed pyramids of the distant countries, and none other than the aliens who arrived to share with us the knowledge. Also Pharaohs after death directly to those stars at which mines of their pyramids looked (there on walls went and it is written). Sceptics, of course, are firmly convinced that nonsense all this, and not mines it, and ventilation; why look at stars - so over time everything will speak, ancient from the first unless will understand these, and bodies of Pharaohs were stolen simply by ancient thieves. That`s all. Secret?

So, there is no answer to a question? Well as so, to all the explanation exists! How all these huge idols, from where and why pyramids, cobble-stones these huge, scattered all over the world? Someone and for something made them?

We will consider that we absolutely in a step from the answer, it was necessary only to wait a little until the mankind thinks up some cunning technology which will help to understand that yes as and from where. And having remembered how many hundreds millennia ago on the earth there lived lemuriyets, the short step in a two-three of the millennia - unless it is a lot of?