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About mountain ash nights heard? They are three in a year...

I will warn At once that the speech not about the movie with the name of the same name which I, by the way, also did not see.

And byvsh of night mountain ash, byst tma and thunder to a byvasha and lightning and rain... And byst the secha is angry and terrible, a yak to a posvetyaasha a lightning, taka bleshchashesya their weapon, and eliko a lightning to an osvetyasha, a shred throw a vidyakha, and each other taka to a sekasha, and be the thunder-storm is big and the secha is strong .

is So narrated by the Tver chronicle. by

So describe fight of the prince Yaroslav the Wise with his brother, too the prince Mstislav Tmutarakansky. Battle it took place in Listvena in the fall of 1024.

According to V. N. Tatishchev`s description, his background was is as follows: Mstislav demanded in a year from Yaroslav increase in an allotment before and received the Murom earth which it seemed to it a little, and went hiking to Kiev - a hail.

To capital inhabitants - Kiev residents this was not pleasant, and then the applicant occupied Chernihiv. Yaroslav who tried to beat out it from there got beaten just in Listvensky fight. It was terrible, but did not come to the end nevertheless with fratricide. On the contrary, what happened further - is simply amazing.

The Kiev prince otpisat to the brother according to Gorodetsky to the world (1026) Russian lands on the left side of Dnieper, and they became allies moreover with what! For example, on Yaroslav Mstislav`s call was with army and participated in campaigns knyazhy, and was, according to the description of the famous Old Russian singer Bojana it is portly a body, is ruddy, with big eyes, was brave in fight, is mercy and very much loved a team, for it did not feel sorry for property, neither in drink, nor in food did not limit it . In a word, nevermore these relatives quarreled and, especially, did not go on formal terms .

But why that night was designated a mountain ash?

According to the statement stated in the 19th century by the recognized researcher of the Russian folklore A. N. Afanasyev it is about a belief that in every year by all means there are three mountain ash nights : the first - when blossoms a mountain ash (the end of spring), the second - when begin to ripen on a berry mountain ash (the middle of summer), the third - when these berries will absolutely keep up (early autumn) .

I were those nights special. Remained many narrations reflecting a belief according to which mountain ash nights was called such time which was followed by strong thunder-storms with lightnings and summer lightnings, violently and energetically destroying the cleared-up evil spirits.

Why opposition to darkness contacted a mountain ash?

The matter is that since ancient times in Russia the branch of this flexible and in general, not the mightiest, according to the ignorant person, a tree was a symbol of the Perunovy club. And Perun, the known business, - God - a gromovnik. And not to do it without thunder-storms and lightnings in any way when manages the Court. This voice of the Thunderer who took a way clarifications of the ward of the territory from powers of darkness is also shown by mountain ash nights.

It is curious that differently them call sparrow. Someone explains it with the " transformation; speckled coloring (peculiar to the mentioned little bird) in mountain ash, someone - similarity to Ukrainian gorobiniya meaning at the same time and sparrow and mountain ash .

However, the phenological phenomena described by sparrow nights (thunder-storms, summer lightnings) became later, and on that the special version about which it is better to have a talk separately was given. And here the mountain ash was considered as a sacred tree long since, and not only at Slavs, and across all Europe - the mother. However, it deserves too more long conversation which I promise soon.

See you!