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Many of us do not even think of a question what is the person who is he. People lead life, habitual for themselves: grow, mature, raise children and in their habitual routine even, probably, and there is no time to think of it. And they shift from themselves this task for others. And whether it is correct? People everything are individual also at everyone the opinion. Here what definition is given to the person by celebrated personalities:

In the Soviet Union not people are born, organisms are born, by people they are done by society . (Lenin)

As the horse is given birth for run, a bull for a plowed land, and a dog for searches, and the person is given birth for two things - for an umopostizheniye and action as certain mortal god. (Aristotle)

of People - the only being who consumes, without making anything. He does not milk, it does not lay some eggs, it is too weak to drag a plow, it is too sluggish to catch rabbits. And still he is the Supreme lord over all animals. He drives them for work, he pours out them on a pro-forage exactly so much that they did not suffer from hunger - nevertheless the rest remains in its possession . (George Orwell)

The Person - creation, at least, short-sighted, especially when itself undertakes to claim that he is happy, or believes that he can live the own way . (Danijel Defoe)

The Person is the finished picture, it is possible not to love something in it as there mountains or the rivers are represented, it is possible to love in it something certain. But it is necessary to perceive it entirely, in a complex. Or you love the person of everything, or not. Yes, sometimes it is impossible to be reconciled with these or those lines, and then it is necessary to look for a compromise . (Augustine Blazhenny)

The person is a dirty stream . (Friedrich Nietzsche)

The Person is a part whole which we call the Universe, the part limited in time and in space . (Albert Einstein)

The Person begins to live only when he manages to surpass itself most . (Albert Einstein)

of People - an animal religious. (Albert Camus)

The Person - the biological individual having consciousness; a social being, that is the subject realizing himself, in combination with the instinctive natural and humanized world. The essence of the person reveals in manifestation of his needs for activity process, that is its interactions with the nature and society . (Erich Fromm)

The Person is something that has to surpass . (Friedrich Nietzsche)

The Person - sounds is proud, but looks disgustingly . (Nikolay Fomenko)

Earth, he told, has a cover; and this cover is struck with diseases. One of these diseases is called, for example: person . (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Person not the owner of the nature, but her slave.

the Era goes forward, and each person starts anew . (Johann Goethe)

I at each of them the truth in which he trusts and to which it follows. I will tell the person more - the maker of history and civilizations, the creator of culture. And if everyone creates for himself definition beings reasonable I can tell with confidence that it will get for itself(himself) something big, than just existence. The person will get the purpose in life which will belong only to him. And the one who will comprehend an essence of the person will comprehend also a Universe essence. And who will be able to call such person who comprehended these things? The answer is simple - somebody.

So it is possible to draw a conclusion if someone creates accurate definition of the person which will satisfy all population of the earth that is impossible, then human existence will lose meaning. Therefore - that the person thinks individually of.