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Return to sources, or That such Slow - food? As all of us know

, is rare when something fashionable happens at the same time and useful. But it - something another. It is the complete antithesis to fast food. Slow - food is a return to culture of food, to its sources. It means that food needs to be eaten with pleasure, without being distracted by urgent matters, calls, viewing of telecasts.

Here the principle predominates: main - not quantity, but quality of what you ate. Especially the fact that this concept means the correct approach to selection of food - fresh, without preservatives, ecologically and genetically pure pleases. For example, instead of a portion of French fries or instead of a semi-finished product in the spirit of warm and eat or dilute with water and bitterns it is better to eat a small amount of cheese with a mold and several apples.

Slow - food - food not only for the sake of food or only satisfaction of physiological requirements, and just for the hell of it. It is also full refusal of the use of genetically modified products. And thanks to efforts Greenpeace and the movements Slow - food organized in Italy producers of GMO are obliged to do a mark about them on packing. It also revival of the use in food of national dishes.

And everything began so. In 1989 in the center of Rome, in the historical building, had to open McDonald`s Then proud Romans rebelled and organized a protest action. The Italian journalist Carlo Petrini solved this idea to develop further and to unite gourmets, opponents of fast food and fans of house food. The snail - " became a symbol of idea; slow delicacy .

The concept of Slow - food, and not only in Italy, pleased many people: the natural products prepared by the easiest ways, lack of the artificial flavoring, stabilizing additives - what the doctor registered! And in general, it appears, and slow food it is possible to prepare quickly enough! As if the person hurried for work, he all the same makes to himself coffee, cuts sandwiches and prepares fast " porridge;. If to rise for five minutes earlier, then it is possible to please itself, for example, with a light salad, a toast with tomato, a mozzarella and a leaf of a basil or porridge from several types of flakes with nuts and raisin? And which of us remembers such long tradition how family lunches? Behind such feasts it is possible to have with house a heart-to-heart talk, to listen to each other. Nothing so fastens a family any more and, respectively, helps to come to mutual understanding. And a dinner with darling(s)? Light exciting meals, a glass of good wine adjust on a certain harmony, allow to forget about everyday vanity and to restore passion in the relations.

So, let`s remember wise words about what is it is necessary slowly, and the food needs to be chewed carefully. And the more carefully to do it, the it will be better to be acquired at each stage of digestion. And it means that ours zheludochno - the intestinal path will work as precisely debugged mechanism, and to us no heartburn, weight, swelling in a stomach and the other, so loved by TV advertizing problems will be terrible. And the more slowly we will eat, the we will leave more chances to our organism in time to come round and signal to a brain about satiety, i.e. we eat more slowly - we overeat less. And in that case as a bonus we receive a slim figure for our efforts!