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Sensation: happiness secret is open!

Until recently nobody knew that needs specifically to be done to become happy. Scientists grappled with this problem many years, and as a result psychologists removed happiness formula. Psychologists removed the newest development of many works then became clear: Why people quarrel and swear! .

the Extraordinary event brought scientists for what to begin to work on happiness formula. Somehow professor the managing laboratory, came to check the experiment, he long looked at ampoules then he heard a crash and rustle. Professor was frightened, but decided to find out in what business. He found a cat of the rat sitting opposite. They were quiet. At this cat never before nothing similar was: (he constantly chased on the street all domestic, and here, it is strange), he just sat quietly and purred. Professor thought of kindness, and the thought of how to create a formula for people which will provide them pleasure and humility came to his mind. As this phenomenon will affect the planet Earth. He began to work hard. For days on end and nights he surveyed various sources of information, read all possible opening. Compared formulas, considered, and as a result came to a stressful situation. He did not know what to do and his wife advised it to address the psychologist. And Professor arrived, he registered in reception to the psychologist. And in several days sat on reception at the doctor. They long talked then professor asked:

- And what led you to it?

- you it about what?

- removing a formula?

- I wanted, there was a strong wish to show to people kindness that everyone could love and help without benefit and without money!

- to you it worked well?

- you Know, no!

- Why you were upset?

- Because nothing turned out

- And, maybe, you looked for not there?

- About what it you?

- should be turned not for a material benefit, not on proofs and the reasons, it is better dovertis for heart and your soul, she will prompt you the correct decision: it is not necessary to look for happiness formula! It is not necessary to rave how to reach pleasure of and darling. All this that you want, will be, it is only necessary to think and want constantly.

I Assure you, it really worked. I, within a week, wanted and was eager for love. And in 8 days the girl returned to me, she made a declaration of love to me and we got married. I began to want bigger! I wanted the big house!!! In half a year I had three apartments and the house as I also wanted far on the island. All this was and is at me, all secret in yours I Want. As you want, so it also will be. Repeat constantly yourself that I the best that I kind and happy, repeat that want love, money and glory - all this will be, and will be soon! The more often you to yourself repeat it, the high probability of the fact that yours I want to be executed. At desire it is possible to reach unknown heights, and at huge I want, it is possible to reach EVERYTHING what you so long dreamed of.

I advise you not to postpone what can be made today, think that you want. Think over what you dreamed of, but as you could not receive it. Let to your mind everything that it is necessary for you for entire happiness will come. Let`s imagination play. Choose the most beautiful and pleasant for you, and wish it. Only several days, but if the desire grows up, and several hours, and at you to appear all what you so long dreamed of. You do not need to do anything, it is simple to think, and further you will feel what needs to be done.