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The solo performance is a genre or aerobatics? Telling

about a solo performance as about theatrical culture, we cannot but notice how it gains strength and almost in each theater directors in increasing frequency address this genre of self-expression.

The solo performance or solo performance is an action when on a scene throughout all play there is only the unique performer. Only the actor with experience who acquired the personal baggage of skill and having a certain courage that is the actor to whom is what to tell and show today can play such performance, perhaps. Even theater-goers with an experience will hardly remember that the young actor began the way on a scene with a solo performance.

How there was a solo performance? Theater, scene, scenery, play, premiere, actors... Or actor?! Not each actor will agree, and more true to tell, will make up the mind to this step. Behind such decision always big responsibility and during game to count on anybody, except itself, it is not necessary. But life is and there is a solo performance. Also it is necessary, also, as well as in life, to live and endure a certain situation, only already near the hero, instead of the hero.

Interestingly, and it is difficult to play to one, meaning the same responsibility? The person in a solo performance speaks about sore, intimate, including the emotions and personal experiences. Certainly it is difficult, but interestingly and, as a rule, it is a conscious step.

In a solo performance subjects of love, life, death, faith in God, losses of belief, treachery rise... That is, those questions which always concerned, in a varying degree, each person. And the actor, remaining in private with the auditorium, every time tries to understand itself and to find the answer together with the audience.

But also the viewer has to be conceiving! The person can think of some serious things already at early age. And it means that a performance and about the audience too. And then the actor creates the world, the calendar at a performance, looking to the hall in this hour, during this instant, expressing the vision... And if the performer is able to excite with the lifted subject, means and sitting in the hall also begin to live in unison with the hero of the play and by all means will find for themselves answers.

Being part of theatrical culture, the solo performance is a wandering, travel on the hero`s life. It is necessary to pass every time the same tests, the same course of life. And only after that the actor it becomes valid the hero.

Some game works are initially written for one actor, and sometimes and under the specific performer. The play performance in this case is adapted also under the only master of a scene and is built in a certain sequence. Game is always unique, between performances the actor as if is in an unusual intermediate state, that is in real life - lives as border between the played performance and an upcoming game. This state is very similar to a temporary blindness, silence in itself and even on nothing the unprotected nakedness of feelings. That is, the actor is in some isolation from reality and regeneration, a world raskoldovaniye is necessary to him on a scene.

Certainly and, first of all, treat masters of solo performances - excellent M. Kazakov ( Black blueses ), inimitable S. Yursky (according to N. V. Gogol`s play Auditor ), L. Filatov ( The Narration about Fedot - a Sagittarius ), A. Friendlich ( Boy and Roza ), I. Noskov ( Veter ) E. Grishkovets At the same time ... Yes you never know? The performer in solo performance - not just the actor. It both author, and actor, and reader, and rezhissler. The actor on a scene one and it, concerning mass character, for example, opening or closing of such international sports forums as the Olympic Games - more sparing show.

It is interesting that the solo performances certainly bearing themselves positive aspect have also a side effect. That is, the actor on a scene extends one all performance, relying only on itself, own experience and skill. But later, working in partnership with other actors, often continues to play so as if considers the play as an own performance. And here it is important not to cross a thin side, to see a difference in giving of game equipment.

A solo performance - fixed examining of the person. It is some counterbalance of seclusion, a shkatuloshnost, and also a unique opportunity only today and right now to see a look which will not repeat tomorrow any more. The solo performance is something very special and ingeniously made just! Therefore, as self-expression, Notice it will be always demanded. And the SOLO PERFORMANCE is an AEROBATICS!