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Downshifting is what?

Any resident of the big city well understands a notorious squirrel in a cage and is not by hearsay familiar with a Groundhog Day Residents of megalopolises as if all life participate in the competition Above, further, quicker . Since birth they aspire to that to keep afloat and if carries or to try (depending on the vital concept) - that and to appear on a top of our human ant hill.

Since the childhood people play by the rules imposed by society to achieve desired success: that work - prestigious, a family - not just were not transferred to all to envy, bank notes - but propagated and bred with a speed of drosophilas. And that friends were proud of such acquaintance, and parents rejoiced (or, on the contrary - in peak to all of them!) .

That people aspired to tops, all try: and parents learn to the necessary things and luster since puberty constantly shows the " models; successful life and advertizing palms off plots, to which it is necessary to aspire - from correct cars to correct the wife or the husband However at some moment some people begin to understand

that they live, actually, others life. Want not that there is a wish most, and what is accepted, what is valuable to all and everyone that is clear and close to all and everyone. As taught, both brought - and live, as in Vysotsky`s song about others track: I planned the purposes it seems for the choice itself, and now - not to get out of a track ...

And then as if eyes open: for what I try to earn so much money? For what I work 6 days a week and the fourth year without holidays? For what I annually change the car though previous quite arranges? For what I trudge in holiday to Europe as it is accepted - though I want to Dombai; for what quarterly I go to office parties where turns back from everything - but it is accepted; for what I put on every morning a tie (well or heels and a bra - depending on a floor) - faugh, damned strangleholds! - I love sports style, but - it is not accepted!

Why I read only the periodical press in the specialty and - as at most - still the instruction to an air freshener on a barrel in a toilet, and the rest since school times is already just not reached by hands? Why I should spend for 2 - 3 hours of the life, stupidly sitting in traffic jams and inhaling exhausts of all audience in the city of cars? Why I see the best friends 2 times a year - on December 31 and at birthday (at best) though I live in three quarters from them? In a word, the list can be continued indefinitely.

And here, when critical mass of similar why it is reached, the person also becomes that the downshifter . He shouts eureka! sells the apartment, the car and business and at last relaxes.

Practically always the downshifter changes the place of work - on less responsible and loaded duties and conventions. Annually ranks freelancers are replenished not only the newly-baked graduates, but also freelancers who did not manage to be attached on the constant place of work on belief whose fair share is made by downshifters.

Quite often they change also the place of life. Not necessarily - but quite often - the downshifter goes to the other end of the world: sometimes in the deaf, but the picturesque village (being guided by purity and an esthetics of the nature), and most often on ocean coasts, for example - in GOA. It is a peculiar Mecca downshifters.

Who they are such? Downshifters are the people who achieved in this life of much, however decided not to continue clamber up a success ladder, and consciously chose decrease of the standard of living prestige and weight in society - to live happily and be engaged only in to what the soul lies. These are people who too long (and it is too diligent) lived as it is necessary also earned, at last, the right to live as there is a wish.

As a rule, to them from 30 to 45, they are residents of the large cities and in the past - the owners of own business or people occupying a top - posts in major companies. It was what to lose, however they went to these victims because ceased to perceive welfare and all its attributes as value - for them they became unbearable blocks. And with shout The Chunga - Chiang! these people jerked from our the overloaded conventions and the imposed society values there where to them it is good - to the sun, to the ocean, to slow life out of the schedule

Not in a tent, certainly: as a rule, any downshifter has the house, communicates (if wants, of course) with the friends and the family who remained in the Old world on the Internet; eats at all not garbage - environmentally friendly (without stretches) products. In a word, lives happily. Actually, the downshifter also differs from the ruined loser in it: breaks a set of their principle of voluntariness of the choice and an opportunity to live as it was always dreamed: the sea, palm trees, declines and risings of tremendous beauty - and it is not necessary to hurry anywhere I Will notice

, however, that at all appeal of thought to be exempted from conventions and to run away closer this way approaches the primitive nature to not everyone. And if the similar thought comes to your mind after reading of this article - return to the same Vysotsky: Hey, you, back, do as I: it means - it is not necessary for me! This track only mine. Be chosen the track

Perhaps, you will think up something else better - as the nobility?