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How to visit an active volcano? Interesting about a volcano Etna of

On Sicily, in the Province of Catania, at the State Katansky University exists the only faculty of volcanology in the world. It lets out experts - volcanists, those who investigate volcanoes and predict eruptions.

This faculty appeared there not for nothing: in Catania the biggest active volcano of Europe - Etna settled down . Scientists have an opportunity in real time to monitor the processes happening in a subsoil of this volcano.

In general, it is necessary to tell that the type of the current stream of a lava is a magnificent show at night. We arrived to Sicily at 8 o`clock local time, already got dark. Got on a bus to hotel, and the guide began to tell about the island. There passed about fifteen minutes, and at us asked to look from windows on the left. Also present, among darkly - the blue sky with color of the smoldering coals the crater of a volcano and the stream of a lava following from it distinctly were allocated. Beauty is indescribable!

Etna is almost not dangerous to locals: the lava does not manage to reach the valley of the mountain and cools down therefore rural settlements can be met at the bottom.

Interesting the fact that all volcanoes are arranged not as they are drawn on pictures: they can be cast out from any place on all mountain, and not just from the central crater . And, in what place and when the new crater precisely opens, it is impossible to guess.

Sicilians speak about Etna, as about good volcano. The matter is that the lava, speaking to unscientific language, can be three consistences: very viscous, average and small viscosity . When the lava very dense, it flows slowly, but together with it the cloud of steam and volcanic dust which sharply falls to the valley is thrown up from a volcano and burns everything on the way (by such principle the volcano Vesuvius is arranged). The liquid lava very quickly falls on a slope and, without managing to cool down, everything pulls down on the way. Etna has a lava of average viscosity - it flows rather slowly to manage to cool down, and together with it killing clouds of the weighed particles are not thrown up.

Life of etnovets - those who live directly near Etna is very interesting. The matter is that that dust which is thrown up by a volcano, falling, does the adjacent earth fertile. About the earth of Etna say that if to thrust in it a stick, then next day it will blossom. It is the main reason why still people lodge in these parts.

The problem is that the earth on Etna any company will not undertake to insure . Therefore etnovets live in one afternoon: they well know, today you live in the rich house and have the prospering fertile earth, and tomorrow all this can wipe off the face of the earth strong eruption. Maybe so that your house will be the only victim in the district - just to it the squirt dotecht.

By the way, on Sicily it is accepted to tell not destroyed , and kissed lava. Very much respect the volcano.

And when you live in one afternoon, you have nothing to be upset. One Italian and the Sicilian has no so many holidays, as at etnovets . And these holidays always different: strawberries reaped a crop, hostesses bake from it pies, in the evening all go outside and celebrate, eat pies, wash down with young Sicilian wine. Next day bees collected honey - arrange a honey holiday. And live.

To Etna carry excursions . Both public, and individual. At the general excursion you will be brought to the southern slope of the mountain, there Martian landscapes - the stiffened lava from last eruptions and extinct craters. On individual can bring and to look at a lava, but they are not every day and not to all tourists, nevertheless it is dangerous.

From a volcano you can take out so many volcanic stones how many it will want to you. As guides speak: We do not grudge our volcano operating, our Etna will cast out still. By the way, about souvenirs . On the tourist platform it is possible to get, except standard Sicilian, a set of souvenirs from a volcanic stone and honey from slopes of Etna. From myself I can personally advise fruit cream on the basis of honey: peach, mango, from wild berries, and so on. Exclusively tasty: something between jam and honey.

If to you has the luck to visit Sicily, do not refuse to themselves pleasure to go to Etna. Believe, it is worth it!

Successful travel!