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As are pleasant to become mummy! To see these small handles, tiny knives, kind eyes. To see to press to itself and any more never to release. But together with pleasures of motherhood come also a rozocherovaniye. It are that you approach a mirror you look and you understand that forms any more not those and changed they far not to the best. Among all giving birth women of only 10 - 15 percent can brag of changes of a figure to the best. The rest needs to envy and feel sorry for themselves or to begin to change a situation to the best.

It is already admissible that in acquisition of a former form 4 principles lie:

1. Patience (namely a spirit on long-term process, how to be told all to Rani time heals)

2. (All people different and life situations also different, someone nurses, someone is not present, someone will be helped by one, and to someone another) Belief in the forces and confidence in success

4razumny approach (you should not exhaust yourself with heavy physical activities, rigid diets or, having despaired to go to a drugstore and to buy harmful preparations for weight loss)

we Will begin identity with

3 with food.

As if we did not want to subtract in magazines or on the Internet fashionable diets and to fast test them on itself, but it is worth refusing such ideas. Besides it concerns the feeding and not feeding mothers. For mother who nurses important that to the kid with a milk all nutrients, necessary for its healthy development, got vitamins macro - and minerals, on it the diet is simply contraindicated during this period. And if you do not nurse that you should not follow a diet also because an organism transfer a severe stress in the form of pregnancy and childbirth and to it resources are necessary for restoration and additional loading will not do it good.

And besides all researches say that any diet does not lead to result which to remain for a long time or forever. On it it is more expedient to pass to healthy food. Though if you nurse, then you also will adhere so to healthy food, namely exclude from the diet fat fried, solo smoked, flour, aerated water, fast - foot etc. So there is the most useful: boiled fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, grain, dairy products. Also it is necessary to accept good vitaminno - a mineral complex. Such type of food will also do good and to mothers who do not nurse.

It is necessary to eat variously small portions for a floor of a ches before feeding namely what the weight of a portion would not exceed 200gr. 3 - 4 times a day. The last meal has to beat in 4 hours prior to a dream. And instead of a dinner it is possible to drink kefir of 1% or fermented baked milk. Also before food it is necessary to drink a glass of hot tea with condensed milk for a lactation. If you, not feeding mother tea with condensed milk can be replaced with just green. Also adopt that feeding by a breast promotes weight loss that is proved by medicine.

We will pass to physical activities.

to Start physical. it is possible for exercises in several weeks after the delivery if they took place safely, without complications. It is necessary to give them about 1 hour, in day, since small loading which needs gradually to be increased. It is also useful to walk with the baby in a carriage intensive rate of 4 - 5 km/h, approximately on 2 - 2,5 ches pass 2 times. Well swimming helps but they can be engaged only in 2 - 3 months after the delivery. By the way recently it was proved that rope jumping cleans fat more effectively than aerobic occupations. After the birth of the kid to the robot on the house also somebody did not cancel.

Here the table of calories which mi are spent on the robot on the house:

the Look house robots / Expense of calories (in an hour)

Moika of the Cleaning windows 265

the Washing vacuum cleaner 228

Preparation of a Lunch 200

judge 220

Ironing of linen of 210

Mopping of 324

the Hand wash 700

needs to be noticed that loss of weight should not exceed more than 1 kg. in a month. So I wish all good luck.