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How the Parisian university became Sorbonne?

History of the Parisian university, best-known higher education institution of France, began in 1215 with the fact that church colleges on a left bank of Seine around Notre Dame de Paris were joint under this name. It was no university in understanding habitual to the contemporary, - it is rather a guild of teachers and pupils, Universitas Magisterorum et Scholarum.

Through forty with small years, in 1257 the priest Robert de Sorbon created at university the Sorbonnsky house (Maison de Sorbonne) - college for training in divinity of poor students, and became his chancellor. Two tens young men had not only an opportunity to study free of charge, but also to have tent, provided also on a grant basis. As the first pupils appeared at Sorbonne four years earlier, at the organization of college it already had not only teaching, but also organizational experience.

It allowed the master to make with own hand rules according to which management of Maison de Sorbonne was assigned to a professorial community. The pharmacist was at the head of it, and membership provided two ranks: pensionariyev and bursariyev. The first brought for accommodation in college a certain payment, the second (having a revenue of less appointed sum) contained for the public account. The community chose the prior knowing internal affairs. It should be noted that students were granted the broad rights, and they could be trained till 10 years in a row.

In 1259 the college received blessing of the Pope Alexander IV who addressed all bishops of France with the recommendation to support the Sorbonnsky house. In three years Urban of Ivpovtoril is an instruction, having addressed to all Christian world, in six years Clement IV declared college educational institution with the right of assignment of academic degrees.

It, by the way, was soon transformed to theological faculty of university. The chancellor - the founder directed, taught and preached to the death (1274) there. And the name extended then to all Parisian university. Not at once, however, approximately by the beginning of the 16th century. By this time the teosofsky faculty was already one of the most authoritative scientific centers of medieval Europe, and not only in the field of actually divinity, but also in the relation in all philosophical thought.

So, the Parisian university is obliged by the historical name to Robert`s person Sorbonne. And that received it according to the name the homeland, the small settlement Sorbon that on North - the country East, nowadays - Ardennsky department (priests acted often this way - we will remember at least history of the cardinal de Richelieu). Exactly there he was born on October 9, 1201. Studied in Reims, and then in Paris.

Gained popularity thanks to pious behavior and oratorical talent, it was noticed and noted by Robert Hrabry (count d`Artoi) and his brother, the king of France Louis IX, received thanks to their protection at first the place of the canon in Kambre, and later - the canon and the confessor of the monarch. That is why the Sorbonnsky house was financed from royal treasury. High protection provided also additional inflow of means from sponsors, the shortcoming of whom did not ispyvatsya.

It would seem, history is clear. Let`s add to it nevertheless one more small stroke, having answered a question: what meant the name of the town Sorbon which was taken to himself as a surname by the founder of the Sorbonnsky house? And it occurred from... berries of a mountain ash (sorbe). So the Parisian university is ryabinovka .