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The mother-in-law - war or peace?

of Relationship of the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law very often develop into a serious problem.

At the initial stage of the daughter-in-law underestimate weight of this situation as they consider that the mother-in-law only disturbs them in family life. But the mother-in-law can be your ally and the assistant. Unless in our hard time this superfluous? On the experience I output several rules of communication with the mother-in-law. I suggest you to get acquainted with them.

In - the first, it is necessary to understand that together with a ring on a finger you get the husband`s relatives in full strength led by the mother-in-law. Therefore try to know better the mother-in-law, you should communicate with her very long (of course if your marriage is successful). Learn that she loves and that is not present, her hobbies, a hobby etc. You remember gifts, to them any woman is not indifferent.

In - the second, do not forget that the mother-in-law is mother of your husband, but not some harmful aunt from outside. It she carried it under heart, raised, fed years twenty, and maybe it is more. And you - only one of series of girls who surrounded her boy. She has the right to know (within limits) what occurs in your family, than you feed her son whether heat he puts on. And it should not irritate you!

In - the third, try to avoid the conflicts with the mother-in-law. The mother-in-law is an ordinary woman, but only she is more senior than you and has the right for some whims. Forget about offenses, otherwise you turn into object between two fires, and oh as hardly it is necessary to you! Try on - kind to treat the mother-in-law. I know that it is difficult - at me it is too!

In - the fourth, adopt experience! Ask the recipe of the pleasant dish and prepare it even better! If the mother-in-law prepares badly, study what she does well, and note. Both to you advantage, and it it is pleasant.

In - the fifth if at you is with the husband of a problem - let know to the mother-in-law. For example, if the husband began to drink, walk, to spend money, etc. somewhere. Otherwise then the mother-in-law will accuse you of all troubles which can happen to it. And it will be right!

Of course, there are very different cases. Some mothers-in-law constantly make the life miserable daughters-in-law because have serious problems with mentality. If it is your case, then depart and do not argue with the sick person. Never complain to the husband of the mother-in-law. It is a deadlock way. The husband will not influence mother in any way, and the situation will even more be heated. It is better not to communicate with such mother-in-law at all. My councils for those at whom the mother-in-law is imputed!

On the experience I felt wholly all costs of the bad relations with the mother-in-law. And now I am very glad that our good relations were restored. Only it is a pity nervous cages and time lost in quarrels. Therefore I call you: try to make everything that depends on you to keep peace balance in your families. Be so kind as, are patient, wise. There are no other options!