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What are energy drinks dangerous by?

Earlier to wake up, feel inflow of forces and to cheer up, we escaped coffee, but now the increasing distribution is got by ready energy drinks which are in free sale continually in any shop or tent.

If initially such drinks were positioned as drinks for party-goers that the last had enough forces and energy for full return of on night actions, then now they are used all day long. And that the most terrible, children become one of the main consumers.

What in bank?

So, let`s look at a label and we will look what disappears in a metal jar.

1. The substances toning nervous system (caffeine, plant extracts of a guarana and ginseng).

2. Carbohydrates - energy carriers, such as: glucose, sucrose.

3. The elements stimulating a metabolism: vitamins of group B and similar to substance vitamins, for example, taurine.

4. Fragrances and food additives.

What is given?

Energy drinks are tonics which give short-term inflow of forces. Internal resources of the person will be mobilized, but it is always worth remembering that human resources are not boundless and their continuous stimulation can lead to sad consequences. Therefore at their daily use it is possible to achieve absolutely return result, instead of cheerfulness you can earn exhaustion, and also other unpleasant consequences: tachycardia, increase of arterial pressure, sleeplessness, can even come absolutely sad condition of a depression.


All energy drinks incorporate caffeine or kofeinsoderzhashchy plant extracts, such as a guarana. One jar of such drink contains about 90 milligrams of caffeine - the quantity equivalent to a cup of strong instant coffee of 100 milliliters.

Caffeine and the toning plant extracts (a gurana, a ginseng), according to specialists of clinic of medical foods of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, are contraindicated to people with the increased nervous excitability, and also those who has diseases warmly - vascular system (coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, etc.) . Caffeine negatively affects also a state zheludochno - an intestinal path, can provoke an exacerbation of an ulcer and gastritis.

It is worth remembering that energy drinks are not a source of vitamins.


Along with the above-stated energy drinks, the energy drinks intended especially for athletes exist. Them call isotonic. They are not aerated and, unlike the more harmful fellows, do not contain the invigorating ingredients like caffeine and a guarana. Ale - the carnitine helping to burn fat and to keep the athlete`s muscles in a tone is their part, improving at the same time work of a cardiac muscle, and also the vitamins and minerals restoring an organism after physical activity.

Special contraindications are not available for isotonics. The only thing is an individual intolerance of any component which is a part of such drink. Isotonics can be bought in shops of sports food, and also in sports clubs. They are in the form of drinks or powders to fragrances or without them. Drink is ready to the use at once, powder needs to be diluted with water.

So, one is clear: energy drinks, without giving anything to an organism, only force it to squander the internal resources. If without these drinks all of you - do not imagine the normal existence any more, then it is worth limiting at least itself in their use: not more often and it is no more than a halfliter of two times a week in days - then harm will not be.