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What do store pilferers trade in?

the Modern legislation concerning small pilferers are softer, than in times great and mighty Union. The state considers that free of charge to feed convict made an insignificant offense, - pleasure too expensive.

For a pack chewing gum will not put in prison, at most punitive measures - administrative detention, and is more often - a penalty. Paid - and on freedom with a clear conscience . Therefore also the fellow citizens earning to themselves money on livelihood small theft in shops, according to trade workers, considerably increased.

Where steal? If it is short - that everywhere. Any outlet cannot brag of lack of acquaintance to the phenomenon. But favourite places of quirky rascals with strong nerves and dexterous hands - self-service shops.

Some of them tried to be fenced off from a misfortune by counters. But, alas, turns in this case decrease several times, it is necessary to be reconciled with pilferers.

Who steals? Of course, not all. The most harmless - the spontaneous thefts which are not planned by the pilferer in advance. As they say: The Demon confused . Harmless not because from them smaller harm to trade, and for the reason low professional " level; pilferer and high probability of suppression of theft.

On such offenses come across most general population - from children to fellow citizens in old age, from pupils of schools to certified specialists with the higher education.

According to security guards of one of the Minsk shopping centers, in this cohort the pensioners who earlier had the quite good income and got used to a certain standard of living are allocated. Alas, the pension does not provide it, here and there is sometimes a desire to save on something.

Feature of the last years - emergence castes the professionals stealing not that came hand, and the products with ease marketed for sale in numerous stalls and booths. Their favourite objects of theft - a cigarette, blocks of chewing gums, expensive alcohol and candies.

For one visit of object of trade pro takes out goods of dollars on 100, applying special equipment - wide clothes with inside pockets in which it is possible to hide uvorovanny.

In day of work expert calls a taxi and goes round the planned points, putting production in a luggage carrier. Visiting shop, the thief can enter and leave a trading floor several times, accumulating taken out in a left-luggage office.

Sometimes pro the separate task, such division of labor raising not only productivity, but also safety get off in gangs on several people, at each of which. One cuts off magnetic tags and clip-on earrings from goods, another transfers it to the established place, the third takes out from the hall.

The isolated specialization pro - kidala . The term not absolutely correctly transfers specifics them work but got accustomed in the " environment; security guard . Task kidala - to make impression of an utter impossibility of theft from its party. It is always decently dressed, looks solidly. Together with the accomplice can imitate a family campaign behind purchases.

Among pilferers there are many addicts. Their favourite goods - coffee. It is unlikely it is made for themselves after the next dose. Most likely, there is an adjusted sales channel.

How fight against theft? In one of the Minsk shops fresh-caught the thief is exposed in a trading floor with the plate on a breast: People, forgive me, I am a thief . It is necessary to advertize the abilities before arrival of a police squad.

Security guards of large shops conduct own card file, photographing detainees. Some of them are just not let in shop. Security guards are not only strong guys in a uniform. Hire also the imperceptible girls working in a trading floor and it is reserved watching visitors.

But licenses for security activity not all shops possess. Many make out security service specialists as showroom controllers that does illegal any detention of the pilferer.

In the state outlets there are norms of natural losses of products, on shrinkage and spillage . They are small, only percent shares. Part of a loss, though it is not absolutely lawful, the rest becomes covered due to these norms, besides illegally, sellers should fill from own pocket.

At a private trader are given a free hand. He can forgive loss of any quantity of goods, but only at the expense of own profit. It is excessive to remind that the owner will not begin to give the.

Trade can sympathize. The maintenance of security service and technical means of supervision costs much enough. On assurances of heads of trade enterprises, they surely would lower trade extra charges, there is no theft. It would be desirable to trust. For now - we have what is had.

Good luck.