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How to find time for big love? Alone with darling.

force everything to do the Rhythm of modern life on the run. Even we fall in love between meetings

Hardly anyone - that will argue with the fact that the main vital value is the love. But for it often just there is not enough time. It will be a question not of search of the ideal partner, and of development of the harmonious relations with darlings.

Our Very vulnerable darlings . For some reason you throw out what you would not tell the fellow worker or the relative on the poor head of the loved one. Also you will wound blurts in the heart. More carefully! More accurately! Flowers of relationship need protection and tenderness. You monitor words, behind a look, behind acts. Put yourself to the place of darling. How many it is possible to feel love? How many it is possible to arrange traps and checks? Intuition you will not deceive. If loves - that simply loves. Without tests.

Plan time for love. And these hours alone with darling are firm. Learn to forget all affairs for this time. Let will wait the whole world! You only together. If you are so busy that every minute is painted for the months ahead, think what action is possible to push ? Plan a romantic meeting for this time. No matter, how many years you together - each such meeting inhales new life in your relations. It is absolutely unimportant where there will take place this meeting - in romantic small restaurant or outdoors. In small hotel or in the smart resort. Important, what emotional coloring will be born by this appointment.

If your children still absolutely of a crumb, ask the friends, the family or neighbors to look after them. Today they changed you, tomorrow you sit with their children.

If your household chores steal all free time - complete the courses The Flying lady learn to be in charge of housekeeping competently. Or use services of the housemaid. Hand over linen in a laundry. Order a dinner on the house at familiar restaurant. Spend all these free minutes alone with darling.

Constantly update your relations. My friends and sisters always find in the relations with husbands interesting romantic features . Such love game. A morning call for work gently to tell: Good morning, darling! Let your day will be successful. I believe in you! The Love note in a pocket or a portfolio. By recognition of strict men such lovely messages melt the strongest hearts. Apropos and without cause women receive flowers and gifts. It is important to everyone to know that it is appreciated and loved. It gives flight, it refreshes the relations.

Surely find time for joint dance. You are not able? Learn! Tango. Waltz. Romanticism!! Register together in lessons of dances. Only several occupations are necessary. As pulls together joint rest!

Do not stop to admire its achievements. Give it in it power feed. And on a feat you see off blagoslovya. The man has to believe in himself, and you help him with it. Be near always at a difficult moment. You do not saw, do not abuse, do not regret. The grief and trouble divided for two twice easier. Find proper words. Help to endure the hard moment in life. Be distracted by walk on the wood or the night city. Just keep silent. Admire beauty of streetlights and perfection of the nature.

Invite darling to a concert or a friendly party. Live now, do not postpone life for later. How many it is possible to prepare for life? Children will grow up. They have the life. Think of it today. Look at the elect with eyes of that young girl who for the first time saw him. Admiration. Love and huge love . For years, for the rest of life. Be surely happy.

I am looked in you as in a mirror,

To dizziness,

I I see in it the love,

I I think of it.

Let`s not to see small

In a specular reflection.

Lyubov happens long,

A life is even longer.

(M. Tanich)