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How to become the franchisee selling pastries?

Why this business is interesting to a beginner?

- lack of transport expenses (and it is a huge problem for beginners!) - transportation of freshly frozen semi-finished products is carried out by the supplier;

- the untwisted trademark, lack of publicity expenses; - autonomy (at the competent organization almost does not demand intervention of the owner);

- the capacity of the market (despite annual increase in institutions of the street - foot, for new players of the place still it is enough);

- in most cases work with the serious supplier of the international level (from here - experience, desire to work according to legitimate and high standards of business).

At the moment you can receive in property such outlet in two ways:

1) repayment of ready business (such offers in the market - deficiency, but nevertheless time in three months in the newspaper of announcements it is possible to notice the next desire of the owner to sell business by a package: property right to the trade room, various allowing documents, rights for franchizing and even manpower);

2) organization of an outlet “from scratch“.

In the first case you buy ready profitable enterprise. Your task - to renew documents, to make initial strict control of personnel on perception you as the new owner and to penetrate in particular business. Unconditional minus of this option is the size of initial investments - from 8 to 15 thousand euros. And undoubted plus - the fast organization of business (1 - 2 month) and almost total absence of “swing“ (the point already has the regular customers and most of residents of the area visually imagine its location) that grants full authority to count to the owner on payback at a rate of one year.

The second option (as if you were not ready theoretically) - a way of tests and mistakes, and as a result as it is not strange, the general size of the money made by you can exceed the sum of initial investments in case of purchase of ready business, but at the choice of the second option of an investment it is possible to scatter significantly in time. Let`s consider process of the organization for stages:

1. Financing. the Most difficult question for beginners, but quite solvable. Personally I prefer consolidation own (so hard saved up means and a monthly salary) and borrowed funds (the credits of banks, parents, acquaintances). Thus you in addition insure yourself at the expense of own investments and at the same time do not relax thanks to creditors. Also do not forget about search of business partners.

2. Search of the trade place - undoubtedly the key moment of the organization defining further success of business. Newspapers of announcements will give you not a full picture on possible locations. The most useful will be to do a bit of traveling independently on the city and to consider the possibilities of future location of your business. You can choose either rent, or purchase (a booth, the place in the market, the trade place in shop or shopping center). The prices of such real estate very strongly depend on a location and quality of production that gives the wide range of cost - from 1 to 5 thousand euros. Everything depends on that as you will be able to agree and, of course, from your starting capital. After purchase it is possible to make the first financial pause (1 - 2 month) - to process documents on obtaining the status of the business owner, on statement to tax accounting, on registration of the rights for real estate, to do necessary repair, to conduct initial negotiations with the franchiser and, of course, to save means for the following stage. In case of rent of the trade place (100 - 600 euros a month) need for a financial pause disappears. I ask to notice that the area of an outlet has to be not less than 6 square meters.

3. Purchase of the equipment and technology . You go to the franchiser and with a joyful face report about desire to cooperate. For this purpose you will need to sign the Contract for providing franchasing services and to pay pledge for use of the oven equipment (1000 Euros) which in case of a failure will be returned to you in full. I want to notice what (payments or percent for use of a trademark) the companies - suppliers does not use any royalty. After carrying out all negotiations and signing of a set of pieces of paper you receive instructions on registration of an outlet, and also necessary attributes (stickers, company packages, overalls). It should be noted that before visit to the franchiser, you have to have in property the refrigerator for storage of the frozen production (not less than 600 liters, with a possibility of a freezing to minus 18 degrees; cost - from 100 - 600 euros), electronic scales for exact weighing of already finished goods (cost - from 50 to 100 euros), a show-window for finished goods (it is better that it was glass and with heating, but if there is no money for it, then the wooden rack will quite go; cost - from 50 to 100 euros). After carrying out so important organizational actions (now you officially are called a FRANCHISEE) it is again necessary to make a financial pause (1 - 2 month) - to install the equipment, to paste over the trade place according to standards of the franchiser, to make a sign, to check the production technology of finished goods, to advertize in search of the seller (better than two) and, of course to save up money for the following stage.

4. Start of an outlet . The main nuance of this stage is the successful choice of the seller. The further success of your business in many respects depends on it. The salary in such institutions of the street - foot fluctuates from 150 to 300 euros (depending on revenue). Further - the order and payment of the frozen semi-finished products. At the first stage exercise as much as possible rigid control of the seller, quality of production, implementation of terms of delivery and financial results from trade activity. This theoretical course certainly affects not all aspects of the organization of an outlet selling pastries. However the author did not set such purpose. The basic purpose of article is a representation of possible additional earnings for students and ambitious workers. Many do not believe that it is possible! This theoretical course certainly affects not all aspects of the organization of an outlet selling pastries. However the author did not set such purpose. The basic purpose of article is a representation of possible additional earnings for students and ambitious workers. Many do not believe that it is possible!