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The poet believed Hitlerites. What from this left?

on September 25, 1908, 100 years ago, in a family of the wealthy, but not really rich Jew Vladimir Mandelstam (who does not have any relation to the namesake, the famous poet) the son named by Yury was born. He will also become our main character in the next release of the " project today; Compatriots .

Time was not really simple, we will remember that quite recently in Russia chernosotenny riots still raged, but the family tried to save the boy from all this dirt, vigilantly watching that nothing saddened his gold childhood.

However, it turned out if it is possible so to speak, crumpled . World War I, revolution, continuous threat of a robbery and hunger forced the father of family Vladimir Mandelstam to make the decision on departure from the Soviet Russia in 1920. At first they had to pokochevat, but, eventually, parents and two small children - the son and the daughter - not without effort crossed border and went to Turkey.

But hooting as a beehive Istanbul not really impressed them. Here was not less uneasy, than in Russia. Foreign language, perfect excellent from Russian customs, is enough - high crime rate - all this led to the fact that Mandelshtama here for a long time were not late. Several months later they already rendered habitable Paris.

Here very much it was pleasant to Yury. He quickly mastered French, but studied in the Russian gymnasium, after its termination without any problems arrived on philological faculty of Sorbonne where studied easily and easy. Then he began to write verses, and in Russian. And in the first year of training in Sorbonne prepared for printing the first collection Island .

Verses, as they say, on the fan. Chose one of the best:

Had a presentiment of heart: it is indifferent.

I how to hope liked to be!

Poets adore Beatrice, with

But Beatrice them not to fall in love.

And I - the last in an unearthly galaxy,

the Lover the boring and bad poet. Not to me to look for

your antidotes which

was not at all and is not present.

But my rather weak voice straining,

- do not call his immortal singing - I trust

Ya: you will hear, you learn,

You will cry about my love.
But we will not forget

that to the poet only 21 years, at it still ahead. In general the collection was met quite kindly, one may say, in the advance payment. Yury actively participates in meetings of literary societies Green lamp Intersection Circle . Over time from it the quite good critic, the fine judge of poetry

Of course turns out, the most part of creativity of Yury Mandelstam is devoted to the Russian emigrant literature. He did everything possible in order that the Russian people in emigration did not feel torn off from the native language. But on the other hand the part of its articles is written in French and turned to representatives of its new homeland. He very much wanted that there was as little as possible misunderstanding between two people.

Huge impact on Yury was exerted by the venerable poet Vladislav Khodasevich. It was a little not in honor at proletarian poets and writers of Russia, the same Maxim Gorky called Khodasevich bilious and angry, and said that rage - a basis of poetic gift of Vladislav. But the relations between Mandelstam and Khodasevich outgrew the stage " soon; the teacher - the pupil they became friends. And after Vladislav Felitsianovich`s death 30 - summer Yury took his place in department of criticism of one of the Russian newspapers - Renaissance .

To be fair it is necessary to tell that when Khodasevich died in beggarly hospital from cancer of a liver, Mandelstam sometimes visited him. Could not more often - it on it had reasons

the First reason - the spouse. With Lyudmila Stravinskaya, the daughter of the famous Russian composer and the coeval, Yury got acquainted in Paris at the beginning of 30 - x years. They long met, but different religion became the only obstacle for marriage. Meanwhile, Lyudmila got sick with tuberculosis, doctors to her predicted short life, and therefore her beloved decided to accept Orthodoxy to get married. It happened in 1935, in one and a half months before they officially became the husband and the wife.

Then Lyudmila became pregnant, opinions of doctors were shared: one considered that pregnancy will kill her, others that will rescue. Nobody guessed: the spouse gave birth to Mandelstam to the wonderful daughter, but then all - the illness began to progress, and in 1938 Yury remained a widower.

Washing pleasure, we left you.

As to me to master indefiniteness of separation?

These eyes smiled to me yesterday,

were tender these hands yesterday

Unless not it in the everyday road

the Word one is called: happiness

Were, of course, at us and alarm,

But also the consent reigned in alarms.

You remember - yours I shared sufferings,

Even now when you died? If yours was interrupted by


of Air in lungs and was not enough for me.

What suddenly separated us from you? whether

is Precisely so hopeless a grave?

Or laid down between us line

the Secret force, but light force?

Death? But your lines so brightened up,

As if grace was reflected in them,

As if in terrestrial you fell asleep beds

I in the sorrowless country wakened.

It was forced to lift one the little daughter, that is why so seldom happened at the dying Khodasevich.

And further World War II burst. Paris was occupied by Hitlerites. But even Yury did not cease to write verses to this severe time. In spite of the fact that pain from loss of the wife did not become less.

I cried, but only in a dream.

Woke up with dry eyes.

Not clear blue flame

Drew a pattern on a wall.

Dawned. The narrow

window was Followed by a rain and hoofs knocked.


which is slightly opened by a dream all Is forgotten, forgotten, forgotten.
Friends advised

to it to leave Paris not to risk life and health. But the daughter was still too small to undertake travel across the ocean where to it strongly recommended to get over.

In Paris the curfew worked, at this time each Jew had to be at home that it could be checked (fascists first of all rewrote all addresses and surnames). But on March 10, 1942 Yury for several minutes left to the neighbor poet Igor Voinov living the floor below. And at this time with check police officers came.

Absence of the person on the place was regarded by Hitlerites as a crime. And the same Voinov suggested Mandelstam to leave urgently Paris not to undergo arrest. But Yury had other ideas of life: he considered that if tomorrow is in police and will honestly tell where he was, Hitlerites will appreciate a noble act. As he was dissuaded, Mandelstam arrived in own way.

In the morning it appeared in commandant`s office. Hitlerites did not even begin to listen to him justifications - Yury was arrested and sent to a concentration camp. And then more than a year it was transported from one place in another, so far, at last, it did not appear in the Polish town of Yavorzhna. Further nothing was known of its destiny. And only years later representatives of the Red Cross managed to find out that Yury Vladimirovich Mandelstam died on October 18, 1943.

But also having lived only 35 years, he managed to leave a noticeable mark in the hearts of those who knew this romantic of the XX century