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You live aimlessly? Here also rejoice!

Set a goal... I dream, I dream, most carefully I draw a picture of the happy future. I rejoice in an anticipation - everything as in the book it is written.

In the book will not teach bad, will teach one million on - fast to earn, will teach to wake up the inveterate optimist, learn and sentence: the main thing is to believe!

To believe? In what? I trust - if on the street a rain, and I left without umbrella, then I will be wet. I believe that the salary instantly will not turn into one million rubles. Million rubles - in six seconds! You do not trust? - I do not trust.

I do not trust and all the same I dream. This time I dream scientifically, precisely following the step-by-step instruction. I walk surely as if all life was engaged in it. Surely namechtat a heap horoshesty and priyatnosty. With pleasure presented pleasure which I will derive from them. In total according to the instruction.

In one instruction speak: if it is strong - you will strongly want, then will come true by itself - from air. And right there next parable. I do not trust! In other instruction it is more real: it is necessary to do! And that is more real, it is necessary to work all ways of achievement most in detail. For the first time in life began to plan in detail actions for achievement of improbable success. Also was horrified!

Terrified quantity of obstacles in a way. Collected will in a fist - and I continue carefully to draw . It became even worse: instead of indistinct physiognomies of obstacles - distinct ugly faces of insuperable barriers. It became sad, and sent far away the dream... As soon as the dream to the address went, suddenly I find out - and obstacles left there. As it is interesting! The melancholy disappeared, there was a curiosity: interrelation? Of course! The new subject - to investigate this interrelation. Passion appeared, gloss in extinct eyes, something like a flush the word, recovered!

With a keen interest investigated and understood the following: obstacles in a way to success - not obstacles, but the key to success or the reason of crash. Circumstances around me - uncountable quantity of options of happy life or vegetation. Prichinno - investigative communication? Yes! But it is possible and vice versa, it is investigative - causal . On circumstances to go to the reason? All is possible more precisely, everything is possible!

It is possible to make friends with obstacles, and they will have friendly persons. Probably, then there will be no conflict or good life, or... also there will be a long-awaited freedom of choice?

The world is awful also god - the villain? No, everything is excellent! Circumstances do not press on me. Circumstances are chances. And chances - the sea! But only I have chances, the neighbor does not have them. He looks for frictionless habitat. Let looks for - who looks for, that will always find suddenly really will find?

Any purpose, any task - and at once arise the circumstances interfering and promoting. Arise at the same time. For what? To compare and compare to separate grain from a ryegrass . The good thought, and right there nasty - it in peak came. At once you begin to look for proofs in protection good, and bad presses, presses, disproves. There is a serious fight, conflict of opposites. Some call it dialectics and add: unity and conflict of opposites. And they are right. In fight the winner one. But who?

Here and the truth moment - managed to prove to itself that for good advantage, then with an affirmative position of reason, with belief in a victory you go forward - to a cherished dream... If there is no wish to fight and there is a wish just for beer, and there are circumstances - behind beer it is necessary to descend if there is money. It is bad if the purpose - the obsession, then arises painful dependence on circumstances. Absolutely poorly, if the purpose is forgotten and life turned into infinite fight against severe conditions.

As to remember who it did... God, of course! And who else?