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How to become the among the? Part 2

the beginner`s Fate at work is unpredictable. There are people who cannot get accustomed even in the quietest and benevolent collectives. What to tell about collectives more usual and widespread - with the kings and clowns, despots and whipping boys . But whether old employees, not one year which is working side by side (and getting on) with each other are always so guilty?

In order that rather without serious consequences and quickly to join working collective and to get to quiet work, but not to intrigues (or fight against intrigues of other employees), it is enough to follow several simple rules (the beginning - in the previous article).

7. Do not begin the work (and acquaintance to employees) with criticism. At least - pass at least a trial period. If so it cannot wait to state the Fe let`s express previously to more skilled employees - so you at least learn where and from where wind blows.

8. Do not separate from collective and especially do not oppose yourself to it even if you feel the absolute correctness. Participate in korporativchik, look narrowly at colleagues in an informal situation; if there is an occasion (for example, the first salary), unostentatiously treat colleagues with binge or a dessert (as in that advertizing: to the woman - flowers, to children - ice cream, to men - all the rest). Only be not overzealous. You are a good person and it should not be similar to ingratiation in any way. Also you remember that exchange of information (for example as you behave in an informal situation and in a tipsy state) - it is always bilateral. Not only you estimate, but also you are estimated.

9. Three main taboos for the worker - the beginner: it is impossible to be late, gossip and rude. However, to the old and skilled employees too not superfluous will not forget about them. But any incorrect word or an act of the beginner will be considered through a magnifying glass, and faults will be found even where they are absent. So do not create to yourself a problem the hands.

10. Try not to ask for leave from work and not to leave on hospital (whenever possible) in the first months of work. And the more so during a trial period. One - two sick-lists in three months of a trial period - and to you it is necessary to pass a new trial period, previously having found new work. Of course, in the service record or the contract will not give a mark about too frequent sick-lists and who saw entries in the labor book except as at own will or in connection with transition to other place of work ?

11. You do not take out litter from a house log hut. Even if you swore with the husband / wife, mother is ill you, and the child received the next undeserved two at school - it is not an occasion to sob in vests of new colleagues. Their vests still are not ready to it, give them time to be prepared and be adjusted on sympathy. There are also exceptions when employees are very sympathetic and of sympathy for your problems your misses are ready even to forgive - then consider that you were lucky. But exceptions only confirm the rule: (especially from newcomers) try to get rid of problem colleagues if not their colleagues, then their chiefs.

12. You do not become a riddle for newly made colleagues. As if you behaved if to you the newcomer came? And suddenly he will become your competitor? Or just is a haughty and spiteful person? Or has too long tongue and can blurt out superfluous - to either the administration, or competitors, or your mutual friends? If you will be able - be good guy at least at the beginning. You want to nobody the evil, are going to put nobody into place and to teach life and will not try to occupy someone`s cushy job.

13. Support feeling of comradeship also be not an upstart, trying to prove superiority before people around. Otherwise these people around on which you besides also depend (and all beginners are dependent in a varying degree, though whether for a long time is still a question), will consider your society too burdensome for themselves. It is easier for any chief to get rid of one beginner, even such talented and clever as you, than from the collective coped and working like clock-work. Without saying that these most surrounding can create such situation of loyalty to you and trust that you will run away from them, even having forgotten to demand a salary.

Successful to you began work and fast advance on a ladder. On career. And only up.