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How it is correct to shop?

Some people just adore going shopping even if in a pocket at them not a stiver, they should buy nothing and to look after on the future too there is no need. To wander from department in department, to attentively consider each trifle, to stare at dummies and show-windows brings them the real pleasure. For others, on the contrary, need to go to the next supermarket often turns into the real torture. Well, they do not love these shops with their seasonal discounts, big sales favorable by offers. And if in them up to standard service of buyers and besides rough sellers then at all not to laughter is also not adjusted If you belong to number of those and not only, then several practical recommendations will be useful to you

1. the First rule says: we go shopping only in good mood! They say that purchases or process are capable to lighten some mood. Someone even uses circulation on shops as a peculiar depression medicine. Perhaps, thereby you to yourself will also lift mood, but whether for a long time? The things bought in a condition of a depression or melancholy, as we know, seldom happen successful. As a result the purchase made in a condition of frustration, most likely, will remind you only of this trouble and of anything the friend.

2. Shopping, as a rule, is process not absolutely fast, but our mentality is arranged in such a way that adequately we are capable to perceive only certain amount of information. Further the fatigue, the purpose to buy something standing comes vanishes, and the desire to be brief somewhat quicker with the choice becomes the most burning.

If long shopping is necessary to you, surely do breaks. Take rest, drink a cup of coffee or tea, call darlings, chat with the girlfriend or just sit on a small bench a couple of minutes and try though somehow to distract.

3. Gathering on shops, consider the clothes. If you want to buy clothes, dress what will be to remove easily and conveniently during fitting. The footwear also has to be the most comfortable.

4. you go shopping only in the suitable company, and sometimes in general it is better alone. Take with yourself only those people who can really give to you a practical advice which opinion for you matters, those to whom you trust.

5. Determine for yourself the largest and smallest sum which you are ready to lay out for the attracted goods.

6. If such opportunity is, you go shopping in the working days or early in the morning during the week-end. Agree when in department there is not a lot of to people, much more simply, more conveniently and quicker it is possible to make out, measure or test goods.

7. Cannot be afraid of sellers. There is it that the buyer does not decide to get this or that thing only for one ridiculous reason - to him inconveniently to disturb the seller missing in a corner. Or it is possible to observe cases when the consumer, long considering or trying on the chosen thing, then just is afraid to admit that he still needs to think. You remember, the seller just performs the work. It is obliged to give you the reliable and full information about goods and if something not so, then you can quietly leave, expel from shop or force you to do purchase nobody not in the right.

8. If serious purchase, whether it be furniture, slozhnobytovy objects etc. is necessary to you, you do not hurry. Check reputation of firm with which you are going to deal. Be convinced that offered terms and terms of sale, deliveries, assemblies, guarantees satisfy you. Always attentively read the contract! Demand introduction in it of points which can protect you, and also the detailed description of result of the order. If there are disagreements - think before agreeing with conditions.

9. do not pay service (order) completely before its rendering, as if the sample ideally did not look. If the seller does not agree to refuse a full advance payment, there is a sense to reflect. Perhaps, it is better to find firm where payment is made by result?

10. And, at last, you remember that you are a consumer, and it means that you are protected by the law. All trouble only in what often we do not know we are not interested or lazy to exercise the rights. And in vain

of purchases Pleasant to you and right choice! ]