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Turgenev: the writer who was not able to speak is not present ? Part 2

Beauty deceives

Once female beauty played a dirty trick with Turgenev. Knowing what at Nekrasov is not enough for him Contemporary material for department of a fiction, he recommended it the story of one young author, saying that it is such charm after which I have to break the feather not to swear at one another before such new talent . Nekrasov, having deferred Turgenev to taste, not reading, bought the manuscript from the author and sent to the press. When from printing house brought updates, Nekrasov clutched at the head: recommended by Turgenev masterpiece was below any criticism: heroes of this work - all to one column yes of the princess - were expressed so grandiloquently and unnaturally that caused laughter.

When came Turgenev, Nekrasov, without a word, read to it excerpts from this story. Turgenev laughed to tears and then told that he is sillier than nothing did not hear yet. When Nekrasov declared that he also recommended this nonsense to him, Turgenev first did not believe, and then, having convinced, began to speak. It appears, he listened to reading this story in a blissful insanity, sitting is close to one lady who very much was pleasant to it that he reveled in aroma of her head, was blissfully happy when it turned the head to it and quietly reported the delights from the story that its sponges so close were to his cheek Nekrasov in punishment set with

Turgenev to correct grandiloquent talk of the heroine and hero in his praised story. Turgenev, having worked a little, rose from - for a table and exclaimed: Properly it is advisable to cut the author that he dared never to take up the pen! Yes and me by the way! .

A Cyclops with female soul

Turgenev is a female soul in a rough appearance of a Cyclops - the French writer Dod so characterized Ivan Sergeyevich. Pisemsky called it the tender giant with eyes of the dying gazelle . Despite the big growth and a wrestling constitution, Turgenev was surprisingly gentle, non-contentious person. He was is exemplary is polite with all, and even never spoke to the servants give and - allow me a glass of " water;. It was difficult for it to tell somebody the word is not present . Therefore its all the time was overcome by any applicants. And it, not to refuse forces and without knowing how to help, is guilty turned to a wall and scratched it a nail

With a cap and in a corner

As at any outstanding person, Ivan Sergeyevich had strangenesses. To take, for example, its manner to laugh. According to Fet, he laughed in the most infectious way: it was pushed to the floor and, being on all fours, continued to laugh loudly and shiver all over . When it was attacked by melancholy, put on the head a very tall cap and stood himself in the corner. Also stood there until the melancholy did not pass.

Should be noted as well its extreme cleanliness and almost maniacal love to an order. Twice a day he changed linen and was wiped by a sponge with cologne, sitting down to write, put in order the room and papers on a table, and even got up at night, having remembered that scissors lay not on that place on which have to be. It spoiled mood if window curtains were inaccurately pushed. Could not write if at least one thing on a desk lay not on the place.

Turgenev long dressed In the mornings and especially carefully brushed the hair. Look, - he said to Polonsky, - I begin with this crest fifty times, then on the left fifty times on the right; then other, more fine-tooth comb - hundred times. And then - a brush. You are surprised, isn`t that so? But, whether you understand, it is good to brush the hair and be perfectly smoothed always was my passion since the childhood .

Zhist - prenepriyatny Nasik

Once the fascinated Viardo, he and remained eternal and a little artificial admirer - the admirer. This strange union of family of Viardo and Russian writer generated many juicy rumors. Apparently, Turgenev did not become the lover of an opera celebrity, but, not in forces to change something, continued to play for many years - before the most death - this ambiguous role the best friend of the family . Without having established own family, he and stayed all life on an edge of others nest.

Why so? Was afraid of responsibility? Did not meet true love? Could not overcome the chronic fear of the Woman? Who knows In any case, his words told already in the twilight of life are known: I would be ready to give all the glory knowing that where - that is the person who worries that I am late, do not come back in time. And I can be gone per day, on two, and it will not be noticed by nobody .

But it, apparently, already reconciled to it. He liked to remember how to it - once still to the student of the St. Petersburg university - the room hostess - the German used to say, hearing its grumble on the destiny which was not indulging its prisylka of money from a native home: Eh, Ivan Sergeich, ne it is necessary to be sad! Zhist - it is as flies, - prenepriyatny Nasik. That delayt! Terpeyt it is necessary! . And he suffered. It always was patient. Too patient

the Happy moment

Ivan Sergeyevich lived long and, probably, interesting life. But whether there was it, the great Russian writer, is happy? Here a curious episode from his life which he shared in a narrow circle of the friends a minute of revelation once:

- In youth I had a mistress - the miller`s wife in vicinities of St. Petersburg. I saw it when went on hunting. It was charming - white, with radiant eyes what occur at us quite often. She did not want anything to take from me. One fine day she told: You have to give me a gift . - What do you want? - Bring to me " soap;. I brought it soap. She took it and disappeared, and then returned, having reddened from confusion, and whispered, giving me fragrant hands: Kiss to me hands as you kiss them to ladies in the St. Petersburg drawing rooms! I rushed before it on knees And, believe, was not in my life of a moment which could be compared to it!.]