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Turgenev: the writer who was not able to speak is not present ? Turgenev`s

by right could call part 1

With a hole in the head the biggest-headed Russian literature . In any case, as anatomists, his brain - gr established 2000. - exceeds a brain of other famous people on weight. Perhaps, for this reason as Botkin was expressed, for such big head of the creator there was just not enough material : the bone on a darkness at the writer was so thin that through it, according to Turgenev, it was possible to probe a brain. From - for this feature at a blow to the head a hand Turgenev fainted or fell into a subconscious state.

When subsequently he was accused of spinelessness, he spoke: And what to wait from me for will power when still even my skull could not grow together. It would be advisable to bequeath me it in the museum of academy What to wait here for when on the cinciput a failure!


In youth Turgenev was very thoughtless personality if not to tell more. Could napriglashat, for example, to itself for lunch a lot of guests, and then incidentally to forget about it. Next day guests, certainly, stated the extreme discontent to the careless owner. Turgenev began to break to himself hands and to apologize desperately, referring to the different reasons. Then immediately invited to himself to a lunch, promising to wash away at the same time guilt an unprecedented feast. Guests were softened, but when in the reappointed day and hour they gathered to Turgenev, the owner did not appear again at home! Further everything repeated: hot apologies and new invitations to a lunch For these and others pranks Belinsky called Turgenev precisely boy Ivan Sergeyevich liked to pofrantit

. He liked to sport in a blue dress coat with the gold buttons representing the lion`s heads in light checkered drawers, in a white vest and a color tie. Alexander Herzen after the first meeting with Turgenev called him Hlestakov.

In Germany where it came to fill up the education, Turgenev broke from brakes at all: participating nearly in all student`s feasts and doubtful adventures, he began to squander parental money on the left and to the right, at the same time forgetting to write mother of the letter. Mother sent to the prodigal son money and products, and the son wasted everything and did not even thank. At last, monetary parcels stopped. It forced it to become staid for a while. Once to Turgenev the unpaid parcel of unusual weight came from Russia. For its transfer he gave the last pennies, unpacked and gasped: the mother filled a parcel bricks!

The most shameful act

to Get a philosophical education Turgenev, from blessing of the mother, went to Germany. By misfortune, by the ship by which it floated there was a fire. Panic which captured and 20 - tiletny Ivan Turgenev began. In despair he grabs the sailor floating the last boat hand and promises it ten thousand rubles on behalf of mother if the sailor rescues it Fortunately, soon there arrived boats from the coast, passengers were rescued though several people died.

Evil tongues spread rumor about Turgenev that during the fire he behaved coward and unworthy, ran on the deck, pushing away hands of women and children, and shouted: Rescue me! I am the only son at mother! . This hearing a dark stain pursued Turgenev all life.

Were found behind it and other sins. Once, already permanently accompanying the sovereign - the singer Viardo - in her commercial tours, he invited sick Belinsky to treatment to Europe. That responded, hoping that Turgenev in perfection knowing nearly all European languages will help it.

Belinsky arrived to the appointed place, but found there not Turgenev (that left after Viardo`s family to England) but only his letter. Belinsky thaws in the eyes, to help there is nobody - does not know languages. Turgenev, indifferently, writes him: I cannot personally say goodbye to you I hope that doctor Tira of Vam helped: I ask you to write to me about it. I have nothing to assure you, chtovsyaky good news of you will please me: I though the boy - as you speak - and in general the person thoughtless, but I am able to love people good and for a long time to them I become attached Later Turgenev will regret

about this inexcusable levity. Belinsky`s death which followed soon after his departure to Russia will seed not healing wound in Turgenev`s soul. Perhaps, as a sign of atonement before, maybe, only friend and the adherent, Turgenev will hang up Belinsky`s portrait at himself over a desk, and before the death bequeaths to bury himself on the Volkovy cemetery, near its grave

the Admirer of female beauty

Turgenev was not a philanderer or the ladies` man. But any beauty could bring it into enthusiastic awe, causing, in literal sense, a shiver in all members. One night he with noise and shouts broke into Belinsky`s house, having alarmed all, and from a threshold, hardly taking breath, exclaimed:

- Misters, I am so happy today that other person more happily me cannot exist!

When it was asked to tell about the happiness, it became clear that, it appears, at Turgenev, the head very much hurt, and Viardo rubbed to it whisky cologne. Turgenev vividly described the paradise feelings when felt a touch of its fingers to the temples... Walking up and down on the room, Turgenev continued to speak about the happiness until Belinsky did not sustain and exclaimed:

- Well whether it is possible to believe in such bitter love?!

Bitter love Turgeneva to Polina Viardo, the opera singer and the married woman, really did not know when to stop. For me her word - the law! - he spoke. The worship for her talent reached such force that it is frequent during its concert or during statement of the opera it did not maintain, rose from chairs and began to gesticulate or tighten to the singer while someone from the dissatisfied audience did not straighten out it. Many years later after the first acquaintance to Viardo, he admits: I and now, in 15 years, so love this woman that I am ready to dance on her order on a roof, naked, painted by yellow " paint;.

To be continued]