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Emil Zola: the writer who erected the highest heap of " sewage;? Part 2

for Whom is not enough sex in life, that transfers it to books

Continuous unsuccessful courtings for sisters and cousins of companions, the novel with pink hat - all this leads to the fact that the thought of the woman begins to pursue it constantly. Even having married, Emil Zola is still weighed upon a complex of some unsatisfied passion, undercover desires which it could not satisfy in real life. These desires will be splashed out on pages of its novels, and for many will seem strange that this tidy, careful and almost exemplary husband is an author immoderately of rough naturalistic scenes.

When one of newspapers began to publish Earth - one of its most scandalous novels, - the indignant readers threw the editor-in-chief angry to letters with the requirement to immediately stop the publication this pornography . The police interposed in the matter. The publication was stopped, and Zola was nearly sent to prison.

Only after a meeting with Zhanna Rozero who became his second, informal wife, will leave to Zola naturalism and will turn into the most real romantic.

The husband of two wives

It will be the strange union: Zola and his two beloveds. Clever, sober, as fall, Aleksandrina and young, exciting as spring, Zhanna. Zola will long hide the communication with Zhanna from Aleksandrina. Zhanna will present to it the daughter, and then and the son. Zola will rent for them the house, near the. Every morning at a window, hiding from Aleksandrina, he will consider in the field-glass as in the next arbor his children play. Every evening it will leave on walk - to pass in a roundabout way two - three quarters that then secretly to creep to the house to the second wife and children. Clever Aleksandrina, of course, could not but learn

about the incident. Once Zola, being by the window, looked at the children playing nearby. He did not hear as Aleksandrina approached it. She put to it a hand on a shoulder and said in low tones: Call them to the house From now on Zola will carry out the first half of day with Aleksandrina, and to leave in the afternoon to Zhanna. Sitting in a big deep chair with the kids who got to it on knees he together with it will drink tea, as always, very hot.

After death of the husband Aleksandrina will reconcile with Zhanna Rozero, will allow both children to carry a surname of Zola and will monitor their education and education before the most death on April 16, 1925. Zhanna will be loyal to the father of the children and as Clothilda, the heroine Doctor Pascal without removing, will wear under a dress his necklace - a thin gold chain with seven pearls. Zola a plot to his Zhanna on a neck. It will carry it to the death which followed during unsuccessful operation in clinic in 1914.

I accuse! Every year Zola let out

according to the novel. Its glory grew. His house acquired wellbeing and a cosiness. It would seem, it is a high time to enjoy fruits of the laborious work and patience. Therefore especially strange the fact that Zola, the person house and non-contentious, decided to take part in scandalous " seems; Dreyfus`s business . Zola acted as the public defender of unfairly condemned Dreyfus, the Jewish officer. Zola writes the well-known article - I accuse! having effect of the become torn bomb in all France.

Little, modest Zola ventures to defend some Jew against nearly whole class people dear and greatly noble ! It, of course, could not forgive it. Zola, escaping from punishment, it is forced to run together with a family to England and there to disappear, every week changing a surname and the residence.

as a result of judicial proceedings of Dreyfus everything is justify, and Zola can return home at last. The name of Zola becomes not only the hallmark of France, but also conscience of all Europe .

Red flowers

I began to flow the measured days full of habitual work and house efforts again. Zola works. He has no time to have a rest.

Zola`s Death was caused by accident: not worked flue detained carbon monoxide in the room where he slept, and Zola died of asthma

Na a cemetery he will be seen off by fifty thousand people: students, handicraftsmen, bourgeois, journalists, military.

Anatole France at a freshly exposed grave makes the ardent speech. People listen. Only the weak rumble of voices blows over crowd from time to time. But what is it?

- Look, protesters! - someone`s voice is distributed.

To a cemetery moves huge crowd of the people - it workers came to say goodbye to the writer. They bear red flowers. Shouts are heard: Zherminal! Zherminal! Zherminal! . The unreasonable, blind, cruel, taken by animal instincts crowd, having endured an amazing instant of collective enlightenment, says at the top of the voice what critics of that time could not tell clearly - the name of a masterpiece of Zola!

Yes, of course, not everything is equivalent and equivalent in Emil Zola`s creativity. But its novels cause interest in the reader also today. Possibly, he is not the most fascinating story-teller, the great stylist and the shrewd psychologist. But we love it not for it. For what? Everyone will have the answer to this question. I am confident only in one: each honest person, live Zola up to now, with gratitude would shake hands with him. At least for the fact that throughout all the life it found in itself(himself) courage to remain the person. The person from capital letter.]