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Games. How there was a poker?

Poker - one of the most popular games in the world. There is a set of versions how it appeared. But it is unambiguously possible to tell only that this game - such what we got used to see it now - was created by merge of a set of similar games in one. In that in which plays the whole world today.

the opinion that the game similar to poker existed in China about 960 AD Exists. It represented something similar to dominoes. In the Persian game Az us the pack from 25 cards was used, there were circles of trade and various combinations. In Europe already during later period of time there were also games similar to poker. Spain and Italy are the game primero in France - la prime . The first mention of these games belongs to 1526. In that, early poker on hands was given on three cards, there was auction and the hand with the strongest combination won.

In 1700 the blefovaniye which appeared by then united with the announcement of rates and delivery on hands not of three, but five cards, and games began to be called breg (brag) in England, pokhen (Pochen) in Germany and pok (poque) in France. In these predecessors of game in poker the blefovaniye, or the announcement of a high rate in the presence on hands of bad cards to achieve an elimination of other players from bank, was an important element.

Anyway for the first time a written mention of game under the name poker appears in the American sources relating to the beginning of the 19th century. The game similar to poker, To America the French colonists at the beginning of the 18th century delivered.

In 1834 Johnathan Green described in the book rules of the game, very similar to poker, This game was popular by river steamships on the river Mississippi. This fact is considered the poker birth in modern understanding. At one time poker was national gambling of the United States. It is the most widespread game in the USA among gamblings also now.

Return of poker from the States to Europe began after the ambassador of the USA in Great Britain colonel Jacob Schenk in 1870 presented this game at court of the Queen Victoria. Actually Schenk made the code of rules for the queen who expressed the interest in this game. However those years game did not disperse across all Europe yet. It extended there only during World War I by soldiers of the American forwarding case.

At the beginning of the last century new, club poker became current. Its main feature consists that the game is played not with the croupier, and with the same players - opponents. Such principle of game allowed to hold poker tournaments.

At the moment there are two most known and prestigious game tournaments in poker:

1) International tournament on poker (WSOP);

2) World poker tournament (WPT).

Both of these tournaments take place in the USA in the city of Las Vegas.

There are several types of club poker. The most widespread of them is Texas holdy. Are also very widespread Omaha and Five-card dro - poker. It should be noted that initially the most widespread type of poker in the USA was Five-card dro - poker, then replaced it Omaha.

Despite a large number of kinds of club poker, its rule are very simple and in general are identical to each look. Eventually the player has to collect a combination from five cards. That whose combination was the strongest wins.

You remember: the good player not the one who wins much, and the one who loses a little!