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How to build the relations with colleagues?

Everyone who works in collective, probably, will agree that there is nothing worse, than to go daily there where pay a little and where the relations in collective such that at the end of the working day there is a wish to howl with despair. But even if will regularly pay you the fabulous sums, then all the same not everyone will bear the intense relations with colleagues. At least, continuous squabbles, quarrels, washing up of stones, intrigues etc. will remind of themselves in the form of a nervous breakdown, a stress or emotional overfatigue.

In some companies it is possible to create the surprising warm, friendly atmosphere. Though, as they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. All this for the stranger can be only illusion. Members of other companies often continue some to coexist inexplicably under the same roof which that and look will collapse from gossips and infinite not contents. The collective breaks into small groups, and each working day turns into the real battle in the battlefield where everyone tries to drag a victory banner on the territory. If attentively to get accustomed, then you will see that there literally all are at war: directors and chiefs cannot divide the money which was outlined leaders in any way machinate each other, subordinates try too though somehow to fight for the rights and duties, and each of them waits that the person, surprisingly friendly, non-contentious, quiet and open for communication, will be farther than

Even if you, is not excluded that sooner or later and you will fall into a trap intriguers. And effectively to work in similar conditions - a difficult thing and not from pleasant. It is clear, that all people different, it is simply impossible to correct in one day characters of several tens colleagues in addition silly and senselessly. And here what it is possible to do and it is necessary, so it to try to work on itself.

In - the first, you remember, time you work in collective, that it is necessary to reckon with opinion of people around to you. You can have the opposite point of view, you nobody forces to refuse own opinion, you can agree or not agree with the offered ideas and offers, but to listen and try to understand the person in independence of desire or mood you are simply obliged.

In - the second, be friendly with colleagues. It does not mean at all that everyone has to become your bosom friend. On the contrary. It is much more difficult to be on friendly terms at work, than it is possible to imagine. It is much easier to keep just neutral friendly and respect. Present, you came to the company, got acquainted, with someone made friends, began to communicate, trust all most intimate secrets and secrets, and then one fine day swore so, as lost the friend and the prospect to work in this place disappeared as warm summer day It is even more difficult when the person who was it seems yesterday as the friend, turns today into the worst enemy who in every way tries to salt to you, knowing all your weak places and sick points. Also gossips about your private life, stories about the unfaithful husband or the generous lover begin, baizes about each of employees as if

told by you under the most strict condition to keep everything a secret, etc. Be oneself from nowhere are born . Nobody forces you to turn into the person at whom smothering, as they say, wide open. It is not necessary to go into details about each your step after work. It is not necessary to shout aloud everything that you think. Even if you are also not afraid to lose this place and are ready to be responsible for the words, believe, there will always be the one who will take an opportunity and will turn each your word as it will need it. And then you, nobody else will not be able to convince somebody of your innocence and correctness. Try to say only what you consider it necessary no more. Control the emotions. Do not forget about sincerity and decency. Do not try to seem better , than you are actually.

If to trust the researches conducted by foreign psychologists, then people conscious and sensitive which often make a compromise, ready always to perform work for others, finally seldom move ahead on a career ladder. Such people live for the sake of someone, and inhibit own desires. Do not undertake excess freight , be sympathetic moderately , be not afraid to refuse to if your interests depend on it.

And, at last, one of the most trembling questions: how to be with those , who constantly gossips for your back who infinitely provokes you and spins against you intrigues? Do not take words and acts of this person very much to heart. Communicate only in that case when it is really necessary. Tell yourself that life is too short to worry from - about any villains, to spoil to itself mood and nerves. Be a bad interlocutor for such as he. You are silent or give the conversation another turn to show that it does not interest you. Minimize your communication, keep calm and be friendly , and each unworthy word or an act let remain on their conscience!

Good luck and progress to you in work! Career development and pleasant environment!]