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How quickly to make the correct decisions?

In life of each of us daily arise the situations demanding fast decision-making. Decisions need to be made almost hourly. For example, what tie to put on work, to drink tea or coffee, to go to a taxi or to wait a minibus? All these questions require the solution. Many - immediate. Besides, if you make the incorrect decision even in such trifle as the choice of a tie, then all day will feel uncomfortablly, maybe, even without noticing that it is all about the choice of a tie which was not pleasant to you (or you used it because hurried and could not find the favourite tie). How to arrive in such situations? How to choose and make that only the correct decision?

To make the fast decision does not mean at all to make the rash or spontaneous decision. Quickly made decision has to be besides true. As they say then not to regret for in vain spent time. Of course, adoption of the correct decision generally depends on the gained experience of the person. That is, if the person already was in such situation earlier and made the incorrect decision, then next time he will already make other decision. Not necessarily correct, but another. Therefore say that years bring wisdom (to be fair it is necessary to notice, not at all). But what to do if you are young? Always to make incorrect decisions? Or to wait when you grow old and you will become wise?

Consider the steps! It as will seem at first sight is not so difficult at all. Begin with small decisions. Consider in advance what decision you would make. You have to have several options. What option is most acceptable otherwise?

Listen to councils of seniors! I do not want to provoke the conflict of fathers and children At all. To listen to seniors does not mean to sit for hours and to listen to morals about what there was a generation good earlier, and what we bad now. Elementary: if the person is more senior than you, he though for a year, but saw more various situations, than you. Why not to make use of its positive experience, without checking it on itself?

Analyze situations! I do not want to tell that you sat and spent all the time for the analysis of some certain situation. The person who has a lot of free time (if it is able to afford it and he will consider all situations, then he will not get to them). But all of you equally go to bed? And before falling asleep at you will be minutes fifteen? Frankly speaking, always envied people who fall asleep only, their head will touch a pillow. But it is a little such people. Before going to bed it is possible to analyse easily events of last day and to draw the corresponding conclusions.

Plan! If you have a daily log and you make in it entries about the forthcoming affairs, you already on a right way. Already when recording you automatically analyze a situation and try to choose the most acceptable option. Besides records will help you with adoption of future decisions, leaning on mistakes which you made in the past.

Make the right decisions! Should not take everything seriously and to consider adoption of each decision. For hours to worry from - about colors of a shirt which you put on. In our life everything is the major role is played by acceptance, generally important decisions. And if you do not accept a tie which you put on, tomorrow will put on the darling. We read article, we analyze and we make the correct decisions!]