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How to get rid of a stress?

do not renounce prison and a stress. The stress as a cat a mouse, traps us everywhere: at work and houses, in transport and on the street, in vacation spots and entertainments. There is a question: If it is as dangerous how in general it is possible to avoid it? On the one hand, it cannot almost be made, with another - it is quite real.

Insignificant stresses are inevitable and harmless. At an insignificant stress the organism receives, as at a jump from the plane, adrenaline - substance which forces heart to be reduced more often. In certain doses adrenaline is useful to an organism. This stage of a stress is harmless to an organism. However it is necessary to pay attention and to avoid not this stage of a stress, and more serious.

Reaction of the person to stressful situations is various and respectively exerts different impact on an organism, leads also to psychosomatic frustration. The stress can increase arterial pressure, cause headaches, sleeplessness, diarrheas, to increase the content of cholesterol in blood, to provoke an overeating, smoking and abuse of alcohol.

Besides, the stress can increase risk of a myocardial infarction if you: from - for a lack of time constantly you live in haste, you are upset on trifles, you are not able to relax and you place too great demands on yourself.

That a stress did not become your attendant on life there are ways allowing to avoid or weaken negative influence of a stress on a human body. It is a relaxation, concentration and an autoregulyation of breath. Several words about every way.

Relaxation. It is a method by means of which it is possible to get rid partially or completely of physical or psychological tension. It is available to everyone, the main thing to master exercises in advance. For example, after day of work, within two minutes lie down quietly blindly, and be mentally transferred to a situation for you pleasant. One more of exercises. Strain all muscles of a body or only legs and take in tension several seconds, then rasslabtes. Repeat this exercise several times and the minimum stress will be reduced.

Concentration. The inability to concentrate and concentrate is connected with a stress. To carry out exercises try that in the room there was no audience and advisers. You know why it is impossible to have sex on the square? - advisers weight. So, sit down on a chair sideways to a back, put hands on knees, close eyes, you breathe quietly and exactly, represent nothing and begin to consider from 1 to 10. Concentrate on the account and consider several minutes. One more exercise: the pose is the same, sitting on a chair, present that you are covered with honey and on you notes of different advantage fly, consider them, be glad. Then slowly open eyes and you can carry out on centuries and stretch. You kill two hares at once: a stress - money - to the house .

Autoregulyation of breath. Sing songs or read verses. The breath rhythm during these occupations changes. The autoregulyation is based on it. Change duration of a breath and exhalation calming down thus or aloud read the favourite verse that will relieve of a stresa and will bring joy.

Live happily, be not afraid of a stress, predict only a positive. Good luck to you!]