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Harbin " beer; - Russian roots? To fans of beer and travel of

about five Years ago I was in Beijing a tourist. I ask our translator - Chinese Yura: What in Beijing do the best " beer;? He thought and told: Harbin beer - Ha Pi! . I laughed a little and repeated the question. Answer: " Beer; Qingdao ! Directly laughter and a sin with these Chinese. Or our great and mighty language is so difficult?

Strangely enough, the Chinese nation which gave to the world such global inventions as gunpowder, silk and porcelain did not try taste of beer till 1900. This year and in Harbin the Russian merchant Rublevsky opened the China`s first brewery. Chinese fell in love this frothy beverage and glory " at once; Ha Pi quickly gained all-China scope. And only in 1903 in Qingdao port the brewery, the second in the history of China, was founded by the German colonists.

Today Harbin " beer; - it is huge corporation with 14 plants in the different cities of China (can be, the Beijing translator Yura - " was right; Ha Pi today it can quite be made also in Beijing?) and with the main office in Hong Kong. Quality of beer is awarded with many awards of the international competitions, and production has certificates of ICO 9000 and ICO 14000.

In 2004 it was counted that shower consumption beer on one resident of Harbin equally or even slightly exceeds a similar indicator of the city of Munich! All residents of Harbin very much love

and very much are proud Harbin " Beer;. Drink it both youth, and people of middle age, and old men. Extremely seldom at restaurant it is possible to see a little table on which there would be no bottle Harbin or glass of draft beer of the same brand. The prices which are very accepted: two - three yuans (these are from 7 to 11 rubles) for a standard bottle with a capacity of 0,63 liters or two yuans for a glass casting! And half an hour of pleasure to you is provided to

of Snack to beer the diverse. Fried small fish in crackers or shrimps; boiled in a salty brine with ginger addition small siliculose beans; the pieces of small cut chicken meat fried with addition of soy sauce; various shish kebabs from meat, a squid or fish; the long, round or flat articles from forcemeat and crackers reminding something ours lyulya - kebab And on Harbin Arbat - to the central pedestrian street of the city in the open air, near a sculpture known to any visitor Last carrier will offer you the boiled crayfish forgotten in Russia for a long time!

Rare Chinese experts very much appreciate as snack under " beer; the smelts brought from Vladivostok or well smoked, almost dry humpback salmon. It is very interesting to observe how with big suspiciousness Chinese taste salty herring (Russians harbinets mastered this national trade and even indulge themselves such dish, exotic for China, as herring under a fur coat).

Most of Russians are convinced that our Chinese neighbors eat everything: from spark fins and soup from a sobachatina to fried grasshoppers and a suspicious species of mollusks. Yes! Eat! All eat also not all! To force the Chinese to eat red caviar sandwich even if he some time lived in Russia - extremely difficult! Why? They disdain! Spermatozoa to them whether you see (not to a table be told), this food reminds!

It is curious that in Harbin and, probably, and in all China in general, it is not accepted to drink beer on the street. Anywhere you will not find and beer on flood with use of plastic glasses, traditional for us. Here in summer cafe you, having paid five yuans of pledge for a beautiful glass glass, receive the cash check upon presentation of which (and the glass, it is natural), cash the " back; five . As at us: there is a man at a stop or sits on a shop and sips beer under salty squids or nutlets! About it exhausted with thirst the person harbinets will not tell, but will think: Hetszyu Zhen (alcoholic). Because for Chinese beer and Chifan (food, but not snack - you remember: only truly Russian person, can understand a difference between food and snack) - things inseparable!

At the same time to eat too much directly on the street, on the run the boiled corn, the fried and peppered sausages on a stick bought from the street dealer in brochettes, baked sweet potatoes (with the name tikuva though it is not pumpkin, but sweet potato at all) - it is quite normal! And on the island of the Sun, on other coast of Songhua, it is accepted to take seat directly on a border or on granite of the embankment, warm under a newspaper, and, having spread out simple snack and beer, to arrange to itself departure on the nature on - Harbin . At the same time (without any exaggeration), not that tens - hundreds!!! passing by compatriots literally will bypass a stone`s throw away this picnic on a roadside party. People have a rest from city bustle! .

You can ask at any small restaurant or summer cafe In yao he pidzo! (I want to drink beer!), and within a minute receive the order. And if you say: In ouch Ha Pi! ( I love Harbin " beer;) deserve a bigger arrangement of personnel of an institution. Owners small, on five - seven little tables, chifalok very much love (absolutely without any quotes) the Russian visitors. They will be very attentive to you! But it is dense to eat and (or) to drink your ignorance of Chinese at your obvious desire it will be apprehended by them as a gift, as free show: Russians drink " beer;.

Do not hesitate to use theater of a mimicry and gesture look in plates of the Chinese neighbors and order a pleasant to the eye dish. Be not afraid if to you begin to help to choose food not only waiters, but also part most lukewarm visitors! They do not want to offend or touch with something you at all - they just are kidding over a situation! I specify: the given example belongs to small small restaurants in which you can glance on the personal initiative, povinuyas sharp requirement of own organism: stomach or liver. At restaurants where the Chinese guide-interpreters usually drive the Russian tourists, the personnel behave traditionally - for yourself you will gather nothing new!

If you want it is professional to drink " beer; - come in Hans ! At any restaurant of Harbin, you will be able to try beer including such brands as Qingdao Bear Sansing but the choice of beer in Hans in total - will be " more abruptly;! Light and dark beer - it is standard for any local pothouse. But where you still will try green beer, orange or pineapple? Beer in Hans - only live, fresh, not filtered, welded in cellars of institutions. Gansov (to the taxi driver you speak " better; Hans pidzo! ) in Harbin four or five.

Local snack can be designated in a word - " meat;! The vegetarian here precisely with hunger will be gone! You can order a shish kebab, in the size, natural, habitual for the Russian organism, but not local street on yuan for piece (only 3,5 rubles, by the way), the big toothpicks reminding the view with the thin pieces of strongly pereperchenny meat strung on them. Having paid unlimited the sum, you can buy as if roundabout from local waiters, each of which approaches your little table with a huge skewer and removes or cuts off from it, directly in your plate just fried fragrant meat: beef, pork, mutton, giblets chicken, neat`s tongue, fish, squid, shrimps and so on and so forth.

As they say, appetite pleasant to you!

And still house beer in front of the TV or in darling " is good to drink

; to a pothouse with friends. But if you in the nonnative city moreover and in others country - can arise problems! Harbin it is drunk easily and in large quantities... Write down and remember: the institution called by legendary Lelik from Diamond hand toilet of the " type; Mezho on - Chinese sounds as Qie Suo .

When pronouncing this call it is useful to show that you urgently needed to wash hands or to clean teeth. As a last resort, try, using make-shifts, to show to Chinese process of release from beer. Despite a set of distinctions: in appearance, traditions, languages and temperaments, physiologically we are arranged almost equally. You will be understood surely and helped. And joint decision vital issue - pulls together.

Well - for friendship and mutual aid!]