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What does the skazkoterapiya treat?

Behind a window fall big soft flakes of snow, the moonlight streams from what snowflakes become even more beautiful and even magic. Catch a snowflake... Make a wish, good, fantastic wish. It will surely come true... But only tomorrow... And now - to sleep... But at first I will tell you the fairy tale. In some kingdom, in the faraway state...

I, having taken the book from the shelf, we re-read fascinating adventures never of the existing heroes again. And for some reason it is interesting to ourselves though some stories raise questions: for example, whether in the mind there was mother of the Little Red Riding Hood, sending the little girl to a dark? And what horror causes a plot from the fairy tale Aybolit in which mother Zaychikha brought the sonny to Aybolit. The hare ran on a path, and to him cut legs! It is interesting how children perceive similar plots from fairy tales? Really it is really useful? What does the fairy tale give us?

The fairy tale lie and in it the hint - says all the known saying. And it is valid, the fairy tale allows to visit border of this and other world - divine, fantastic. Coming back to the real world, the person bears knowledge in the baggage that wins always against good. This knowledge is necessary for all, and it is easier to get it through the fairy tale - the child has no natural protest that it teach .

Skazkoterapevta (yes, there are also such!) know that the fairy tale is able not only to learn, but also to treat. For example, to help the children who lost parents - the child composes the fairy tale in which there are mother and the father... It treats itself(himself) it thoughts, occurs in this fairy tale with itself(himself), with good, correct itself(himself). Studies at himself fantastic to good acts, learns to be happy.

The collective composition of fairy tales is very useful. For small children this interaction exercise, for teenagers - a way to understand itself and the peers. On an example of the fairy tale which is in common composed by children it is possible to understand who what roles plays in this collective.

It is useful to compose together with the child because at such moments you begin to speak common language, you can learn secret thoughts and desires of the kid. Hiding them behind symbols and metaphors, the young storyteller is internally released, and the cunning and attentive parent can solve secret desires of the child. But only too be not fond, the kid has the right for small personal secret too...

The fairy tale stimulates creative thinking and develops sense of humour at you and at your child. Representing heroes of the fairy tale on paper or from plasticine, the child works skills of a molding, the letter and drawing, develops assiduity and attentiveness.

But a skazkoterapiya is useful not only to children. Remember the favourite fairy tale from the childhood, tell it to yourself, smile, close eyes, relax... You feel? Here it what, skazkoterapiya...

Not without reason skazkoterapevta are advised to carry with itself a pocket book with the favourite fairy tale. As well after the unlucky working day, being pushed in the subway to read not some doubtful detective story, but the kind, checked by time fairy tale. Even if it is Kolobok . About what this fairy tale? - you ask. This old fairy tale teaches what at everyone in this world the mission, and pokazyvt that it can happen when we refuse the way.

In fairy tales the dialectics of the world is visible: without the evil it cannot be kind and vice versa. It teaches very important thing - to perceive the world in general and it what it is.

... also they began to live - to live and is kind to acquire. And snow behind a window all was turned and turned. The kid slept for a long time. It dreamed kind and courageous heroes, whimsical princesses, cheerful animals and improbable adventures. He smiled in a dream, he was happy and did not know that there will come morning soon. But it already another story altogether... ]