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Carefully: beaten pixels, or As not to fly by choosing ZhK - the monitor?

Shkolazhizni already published article with recommendations about the choice of ZhK - the monitor (How to choose the LCD monitor?).

In this article will be a question of such nuance connected with ZhK - monitors which can significantly to poison life of the PC user, are so-called beaten pixels .

What is beaten pixel

Pixel / pixel (English pixel) - the minimum element of the image; the smallest element of the display having all potential of color reproduction available to the display in general.

Beaten ( dead ) pixel (English dead pixel, defect pixel) - constantly burning (or constantly not burning) pixel.

Often, selling concrete ZhK - the monitor, the seller already knows about existence of beaten pixels, but sometimes modestly holds back it (for example, this monitor was already returned by the previous buyer). Without having checked ZhK - the monitor (or having hastily checked quality pictures ), buyers find out already at home that they " steel; happy owners of the monitor with beaten pixels.

When the buyer tries to exchange (or to return) the monitor, some sellers strike an attitude declaring that beaten pixels are not defect, at the same time refer to the ISO13406 standard - 2, allowing existence of beaten pixels.

The ISO13406 standard - 2

the ISO 13406 - 2 Standard (the last update in 2001) defines a number of ergonomic requirements to quality of the image received by means of ZhK - the monitor. The assessment occurs by such criteria as brightness, contrast, reflection, uniformity of illumination and color uniformity, readability of the text, blinking, the number of defective pixels.

The standard defines 4 classes of quality of monitors.

the Class 1, the highest, does not allow existence of defective pixels. The class 4, the lowest, allows existence to 262 beaten pixels. Brand - name - producers of ZhK - displays do not release class 4 monitors. The majority of displays correspond to a class 2.

The standard distinguishes 4 types of defective pixels:

Type 1 - constantly burning pixels;

Type 2 - constantly not burning pixels;

Type 3 - pixels with other defects, including defects of sabpiksel and cells of RGB making pixel. It means constantly burning red, green and blue pixels (the most widespread defect);

Type 4 (group of defective pixels) - several defective pixels in a square of 5x5 pixels.

The standard defines admissible number of defective pixels on one million pixels of ZhK - the monitor: 15 - inch monitors can have no more than 2 - x beaten pixels; 17 - 19 - and 20 - - no more than 4 - x; and monitors with a size of diagonal 21 above - no more than 6 - ti.

As not to get on beaten pixels to Avoid

purchases of ZhK - the monitor with beaten pixels very simply: it is necessary to test carefully it on lack of it upon purchase. For this purpose there are special programs (before a visit of shop copy such program on a flash card).

Programs for testing of ZhK - the monitor on existence / lack of beaten pixels

Dead Pixel Tester

Download also to a razarkhiviruyta the dead_pixel file. zip (156KB);

- start the DPT file. exe;

- after click by the left button of a mouse will appear the table of the choice of Select color colour ;

- as consecutive clicks choose various colors;

- the chosen " color; it is filled in all area of the screen therefore the beaten pixel (if it is) becomes clearly visible;

- is by default offered 16 various shades, you can choose additional, having pressed the Colour selector button .

Nokia Monitor Test

Download also to a razarkhiviruyta the Ntest file. zip (374KB);

- start the Ntest file. exe;

- in the Nokia NTest window choose the necessary language (for example, of Russian ), press of OK ;

- below, to the right of WWW, click the pictogram stylized under the screen with three vertical strips - red, green, blue;

- the screen of the monitor will be it is filled in in the white color;

- continue to left-click, at the same time the screen it will be consecutive to be filled in red, green, blue, black (with a white square in the center) flowers;

- for an exit from the program press of Exit .

Dead Pixel Buddy

Abnormally - the recovery loading disk Microsoft Windows miniPE edition (the cut-down Windows XP version) contains the Dead Pixel Buddy program.

For loading of miniPE needs to be established in BIOS loading with CD - ROM`a, to place in CD tray - ROM`a ROM` loading disk with miniPE and to reboot;

- when will be loaded by miniPE, press the miniPE button (alternative of the Start-up button ) -> Programs -> Accessories -> Dead Pixel Buddy ;

- is consecutive fill in in various flowers monitor screen.

What to do if to you has the luck to buy ZhK - the monitor with beaten pixels

Try to exchange the monitor. If the seller refers to the ISO13406 standard - 2, refer to the Federal law About consumer protection .


1. The solid trading firm which respects itself (and the buyers!) also values the image:

and) will never deceive buyers, trying to put off / to push / to vpulit defective goods;

) will never give low-grade goods for high quality;

in) at emergence of a conflict situation (in case of observance of guarantee conditions) will always exchange low-quality goods or will return money.

2. Buying ZhK - the monitor, always demand check of its working capacity!

3. Sellers, having found in ZhK party - monitors some number of monitors with beaten pixels, sometimes offer them for sale at reduced prices, but forget to inform buyers on the reason of reduction of price. Therefore reduction of price of ZhK - the monitor has to guard! You remember: penny-wise and pound-foolish!

4. Do not connect / do not switch-off the " monitor; on hot i.e. at connection / shutdown the monitor and the personal computer should not be in the included state.

5. Sometimes beaten pixels appear in use the monitor. To reduce probability of emergence of beaten pixels at operation of ZhK - the monitor, you make thrifty use of it, preserve the monitor screen against mechanical influences (blows, pushes, scratches).

Yes will serve to you your monitor belief and the truth for many years!

Yes it will please you with lack of beaten pixels!]