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How to survive after holiday and to get to work? Almost all good property to come to an end has

. The summer ended, and together with it and holiday came to an end - it is time to gather for work again.

Still yesterday you luxuriated on the beach, loading the head the only most admissible time of reception of solar bathtubs, the prices of cocktails and routes of excursions, and today you should plunge into the world of transactions, sales, negotiations.

Be not surprised if, despite, apparently, good rest, you suddenly become irritable, there will be headaches, sleeplessness, and the mood will be suppressed. They are symptoms of a postholiday depression. The stress which had by an organism at sharp immersion in whirlpool of duties and responsibility, can nullify all advantage received for rest time. And someone else will long be in a condition of euphoria, under impression of what was seen and endured - and in this state it is quite difficult to return to working normal. The head can add fuel to the fire, offering you, after so good rest, with the trebled enthusiasm to start working. You do not become to yourself the enemy - do not give in on his arrangements.

  1. Try to come back home from holiday for two - three days before appearance at work (especially it concerns return from tropical countries). You need to get used to climate again, about himself will let know and change of time zones. For these days it is very important to accustom itself to an alarm clock, otherwise in the first working morning you risk to break it against a wall, without having got up.

  2. during passive rest you could relax and to wean to think . As much as possible to mobilize the mental capacities and to force a brain to work again, it is useful to drink tonics - fruit juice, green tea. There will be no immunity strengthening superfluous and. Here will help eleuterokokk or vitamin C. During this period eat as much as possible vegetables of fruit.

  3. Aspiration right after holiday to rush into work will not bring to
  4. anything good. It is much better to be up on gradually. To an organism it is necessary to be reconstructed, get used physiologically and psychologically to a new rhythm. Both the day regimen, and a diet will change. Surely bring to all department souvenirs from the resort (problems with their acquisition, most likely, will not arise), distribute, tell where were that was seen. Show photos. Be limited to the brightest impressions not to break the working day to other employees, it only at you a transition period.

  5. Sort documents and tasks of the administration by importance degree.

  6. do not start calling back to all who passionately wished to see you and to hear during your absence. They do not know that your holiday ended, and therefore will suffer some more days. Ask colleagues to cover you on phone.
  7. Be engaged in

    in analysis of the collected faxes, reading e-mail. Safely send all advertizing to a basket - it still will come. You can notice that part of messages lost relevance: exhibitions and the presentations took place, and the goods are sent to the customer (it is accepted from the supplier). It makes sense to very important clients to answer immediately, to find out what from you was wanted. Explain that quite recently returned from holiday, promise to solve their problems soon.

  8. Take a break - look through tourist booklets, esteem a story about travel of other people to the exotic countries, dream of where you will go to have a rest next time. Now the main thing - to get rid of feeling that everything luchsheeostatsya in the past, and all further life - only boredom, melancholy and routine.

  9. Will pass not enough time, and you join in working process again, will pull up trees, will feel that rest did good.