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Gyulchatay - show a face or as to make person?

Came to me to consultation the lady is more senior than forty years: the developed tenor of life, adult children, the husband, boredom....

- Show me my person! - with despair she asked me.

- I do not see myself in a mirror and when I see - I do not learn that! It not I!

- sounded as cry of despair.

During communication I learn that the lady always sought to look as a star from a cover of the glamourous magazine. At first the film star of the seventieth Svetlana Svetlichnaya from the movie Diamond hand becomes its idol. Popular magazine " Screen; presents the new person, a new sensual image. Later, in the eightieth heroines of movies " become idols; Moscow does not trust tears and Twist of fate . Ah, as there is a wish to be similar to favourite heroines!

At the beginning of a new century the lady cannot " any more; to keep up for Pamela Anderson or Nicole Kidman. Life is lived to please attractive, however, alas, strangers images and how to be farther? How to look for the person You will tell, late? But better late than never!

What it is necessary to change in itself? - this question is asked most often.

can both emphasize Appearance, and to retouch separate features of the personality.

What I? - ask yourself this question. What

I want to be in the opinion of people around? whether

Is possible to achieve the vital objective if internal uncertainty, a stiffness, complexes disturbs? What

an image will help to disclose fully the best female qualities?

It is paradoxical that wealthy ladies are often not sure of themselves - from here and the wide range of cosmetology services, various braces, liposuctions, implants, increase in a breast, extension of eyebrows, eyelashes.... Not therefore whether it occurs what all of us perceive surrounding subjectively, through a prism of own vision?

If you at heart a modest greyish mouse which likes to sit out in far corners image of the vamp does not suit you. It does not mean that the stylist will not be able to make to you the corresponding make-up, but your internal I by all means will give you away. It will rebel against such violence and will begin to revenge!

Try to emphasize the strengths. If you have beautiful eyes, it is possible to draw attention to them with a skillful make-up. Remember unique Lisa Minelli whom the huge number of admirers, including Vladimir Vysotsky admired. Its huge open the world of an eye was become the business card of image of this great singer and actress.

Looking inside, you can understand - what female images attract you and why? If you all life felt

blokovsky the stranger, your style - romantic. Therefore, all shape, gait and manners have to correspond to the chosen image. Become the woman - a riddle, imperceptible and mysterious. If you have magnificent sensual lips why not to show them in all beauty? And if your hair are higher than any praises why not to place emphasis on a hairdress? Will begin to pay attention to you, and you will be able to stage the subsequent course of life.

Remember how at teenage age you experimented with mother`s clothes, search of a make-up? As a rule, such attempts came to an end with an embarrassment. Misunderstanding of itself prevents to find the image, highlight . The lady with highlight ! How often we hear such expressions? To find the the image helps only internal work on itself.

Work on image begins with finding a common ground with an interior. Usually it is possible to grope basis on which further it is possible to build a harmonious superstructure. Introducing new lines in the image, we consider age, the client`s constitution, fashionable tendencies in clothes. It is important that the client well understood in what direction it is worth working.

When you come for the first time to the expert, do not wait that he right there will create a miracle. That is simple to understand the person not so-. During consultation it is possible to pick up suitable color scale, a make-up, a hairdress, a clothes silhouette, but all this will not bring closer you to understanding internal I . Here it is necessary bigger...

As often women seek to make a bright meteoric career. Well, than I am worse than the same Margaret Thatcher? However image of the Lady to much obliges

. You will begin to be recognized on streets, you will cease to belong to yourself and to relatives, your day will be painted on minutes, and movement with security guards? You aspire to it? Whether you are ready to such tests?

To begin changes, try to describe yourself. Take a leaf, concentrate and begin the story developed in space about that you showed to people around. It can be the narration about that what you were also aspirations to that what you seek to become. Your image should not be an ordinary stamp! Working on image, do not forget the most important - as it is important to be oneself! And then one fine day, having glanced in a mirror, you will smile to the new, long-awaited image! To an image of the true LADY.]