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The great theorem Fermat suggests to reduce terms of training and receiving a stepeniya

the Fresh wording and the proof of the great theorem of Fermat show what in the world is not present logarithmic, subradical, irrational, complex, transcendental, trigonometrical and other numbers. Concepts of the decision sedate the equations, integrated, variation differential calculations, percent and other difficult mathematical formulas were wrong. Two minuses and two pluses make a start but only one minus and one plus are attracted, at the same time make inheritance. We - that united in any ways two minuses and two pluses (put) and came into a fortune. In the nature the created bodies without nail, weldings, bolts, nuts and screws are connected. Transition to another comes from one state when charges between cages decrease, or at all disappear. As Omar Khayyam wrote:

People smolder in graves, becoming nothing,

Breaks up atoms close connection.

Did not understand sense 0 (vacuum), infinity and negative sizes. From here people turned out: write and sing trifles, pleasant for hearing, - the capable humanities. Lie decorate with words - capable natural sciences. And a little more capable everything, and not capable to what sciences - them all the same. So, science and education existed, and exists for those who do not understand their sense, does not open the Mankind error - for obedient servants. Now it is necessary gets out of these an impasse. For this purpose as O. Khayyam wrote:

In the childhood we go behind truth to teachers,

After - go behind truth to our doors.

Where truth? We appeared from a drop. we Will become

- clay. Here sense of the fairy tale, Khayyam!

needs to be changed radically.

Really, each negative, positive numbers n we will replace with 1 (units), it is clear that each unit what part makes, not the grasp or more units will be other integers. Then actions over numbers: subtraction, division, addition, multiplication obediently do not submit to the existing Human laws, rules, customs, examples, and slave following of the theory, created by us. Calculations of number of the created and created uniform bodies are made by means of integers and the translation of numbers from one language on other language is always exact. It allows to reduce any task of the analysis and synthesis to system n of the linear equations with n variable - to problems of integer linear programming, and is reduced their decisions to system of 2 linear equations with 2 variables - addition and multiplication of two natural numbers: X + Y = n + n = 2n; XY = n x n and - (X + Y) = - (n + n) = - 2n; (-X) (-Y) = n x n, where Y - odd - the right last figures one of numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and X - even numbers: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8.

Each number can be presented in the form two-submultiple column G = (X, Y, Z) on the plane in the form of a square and a piece. Let`s consider the automobile route with the bilateral movement. It is clear, that if length of each party is equal to n, then Z =X+Y=2n. Let`s consider still ceremonial square columns, in each column of 1000 men, and the same columns, but they consist of women. Then it is clear that in each ceremonial square column of 1 million men and women. On property of natural numbers and the count total of men and women of 1 trillion that corresponds to a cube - a rubik about 1 million if in the first ceremonial square female column from above we put a man`s column, and so alternating 1000000 times. It also is that the space becomes covered by a cube and at the same time a cube - rubiky. If we construct one rank of all people, alternating women and men and vice versa, then we will receive a piece, 1 trillion long. It is consecutive connection. If we construct two ranks, in only one woman, and another - men, then we will receive 2 pieces, everyone has length of 500 billion. It is parallel connection. Means, columns G = (X, Y, Z) always it is possible to present on the plane in the form of pieces. Equalities of Z = X+Y=2000000 and Z =XxY=1000000000000 are always carried out.

In parallel connection each women and men have identical growth, and their weight differ, and we need to establish them. They differ in skin colors, but each winners of a beauty contest and age of all 25 years. Now it is necessary to make paracombinations, - to each woman to find couple - the man and vice versa.

Thus, problems are identified, entered in the list urgent, the science, educations comes to an edge of the new problems conducting to not the won tops. Further we clone eternal ideal intelligence, and to make operations for them and to train the children over integers by means of superfast computers to be not difficult. For receiving the higher education and others it is not necessary to spend 20 - 25 years, and at most 2 years are enough. Here O. Khayyam`s words:

Densely screw up eyelids - though think

Of safety of eyes, language and ears a little!

A thought torch, a compassion vessel - we.

the Center of the highest knowledge - we. Izrechenye`s

on this diamond ring,

On an invaluable ring of the universe - we!]