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Beet for appearance. Or for health? Once Oksana Mankiewicz`s article And you with what salads love

- with beet or with beet? it was pleasant to me the simplicity and reflections about correctness of writing of the word BEET. What is called - two in one. And recipes interesting, simple, and repetition of grammar.

In our family since the childhood beet was used in three forms: in borsch, in herring under a fur coat and in vinaigrette. Having been fond of cookery, I began to collect the tested recipes in the archive. And already then opened for itself many interesting properties of this root crop, usual for the Russian table.

In far our times of a pr - a pr - grandmothers improved complexion, wiping cheeks with slices of fresh beet. And now such procedure easily will help to impose “ life “ to return to a pale face a flush. if the grated fresh beet to mix

A with sour cream, to put as a mask, to allow to dry and wash away cool water, any skin will become freshen.

It is simple recipes for appearance external. But not for nothing say what is inside, and outside. Beet juice is drunk at an anemia. It is the most valuable juice for formation of red blood balls and for blood improvement in general. Recommend to drink it in mix with carrot, otherwise rough cleaning reaction can make sick or dizziness. In total well moderately. The organism has to get used. 1 - 2 glasses a day of the mixed juice will help to be restored quickly after a serious illness, a depression or during the periods of heavy physical activity. For women such mix - a source of beauty and a healthy flush. What hemoglobin after the beet juice use! Magnificent natural cure for a hypertension and neurosis. Much better than synthetic pharmaceutical means.

And how many fine dishes it is possible to prepare from this inexpensive vegetable! Beet caviar and pickled beets. As a stuffing in pies and vareniki. It is so much different soups. And as a namazka on sandwiches. I will share the finds in preparation by everything available both at the price, and on speed of interesting dishes.

Beet " caviar; Beauty “. to us two big beets, one big carrots and one big bulb will be necessary for

. All such big! Attention! Beet not boiled, but crude. We clean beet and carrots and we rub on a large grater. The bulb is small cut for pieces. In a deep frying pan we put beet, carrots and onions and we fry all this on vegetable oil. We salt to taste. We add two tablespoons of tomato paste or a glass of dense tomato juice (with juice it is pleasant to me more!) . Pepper, bay leaf. It is a little vinegar. We cover and extinguish 30 - 40 minutes, to readiness. It is possible to eat in such look, warm. And it is possible to cool, a tax as cold appetizer, previously having strewed with small cut garlic and greens of parsley. It is beautiful, it is tasty, it is useful!

My favourite recipe - the " pickled beets; Nested doll “. At first beet we boil

. I cook it 40 minutes - 1 hour and I put a saucepan with beet for 20 - 30 minutes under a stream of flowing water. It turns out quickly and does not require attention. the Cooked beet we clean

, we cut circles and we put layers in the enameled bowl or a steklobanka. A layer of petals of beet, a layer of the onions cut by half rings. Etc. We prepare marinade. Structure: 400 ml of the filtered water, a salt teaspoon, 2 - 3 peas of black pepper, bay leaf, 150 ml of 9% vinegar and a full tablespoon of honey. Zakipyatili marinade. Cooled and filled in beet with onions. Put for days in the refrigerator. The it is longer stored, the more tasty. So self-sufficient dish that even not fans of beet eat it with pleasure. The crackling onions and it is sourish - juicy beet - μμμμμμμ!!! Delight!

" salad; Magnificent seven “. to

According to the name it is clear that components there will be seven. We consider - a half of a small head of cabbage - time, two boiled beets - two, two crude carrots - three, one salad bulb - four, two tablespoons of horse-radish - five, salt - six and mayonnaise - seven.

Thinly we slice cabbage, we rub on a grater separately boiled beet and carrots. We cut onions thinly half rings. Now all it is beautifully mixed, we add some salt, we add horse-radish and mayonnaise. The encouraging such mix!

Salad for a barbecue “ Jumble “. Components of this salad are beautifully cut, sliced and displayed by

on a round dish separately. Everyone mixes ingredients in the plate. Very much this fried meat salad but also as an independent dish is in harmony it is very good.

Boiled beet, boiled egg, green apple, the salad onions, a marinated cucumber and the easiest mayonnaise mixed with unsweetened yogurt or sour cream. This sauce is placed separately in a sauce-boat or in the middle of a plate with vegetables. It is possible to mix and spread out on portion salad bowls for each participant of a feast.

Let each dish on your table bears to you only beauty and health!]