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You lost the mobile phone? Congratulations!

Will of a case or by own absent-mindedness, each of us though appeared in this unpleasant situation once: the favourite mobile phone vanished forever!

However not at all was enough for spirit quietly to accept a situation, to release rage downwind as and vigorously to say a plumelet: Well, at last - free life, without short lead! . If you at least want to stay several moments quiet, forgiving Buddha and to treat everything philosophically - that... what disturbs you? Forward!

1. Means, it is necessary for somebody!

Condole (all a couple of minutes) and start conclusions. Speak if God takes away something from us - he surely gives something in exchange!

In - the first, God could not take away something from the person of no character who could not cope with a problem independently. So - plus to you, as strong personality!

In - the second, on Earth is someone, weaker and deprived, than you (who will use from now on your mobile phone). The second offset to you - as the generous personality distributing gifts especially needing!

B - the third, perhaps somewhere at heart you already thought of replacing the phone on more stylish and modern. So - accept congratulations, the dandy you ours!

2. I - am free! Just deeply inhale

- and start day from scratch as if you were just born. Good day - the good beginning! . you are not attached to anything now. Experience all sections of the organism this freedom.

3. To Whom it is necessary - will always phone! Check

on pediculosis the people surrounding you. to

In - the first, it is possible to send SMS - ku on the lost number with a request to return a mobile phone for remuneration and after several days of expectation to sum up: all of you still love surrounding people?

In - the second, everything is not so terrible: colleagues will be able always to find you according to working numbers, and a family - on house. Well, and by means of friends and their records you will be able to restore all lost contacts further.

4. The Blunt pencil - is better than sharp memory!

Get, at last, a sound notebook in which not only mobile and house numbers, but also postal addresses, and also birthdays of friends and relatives will be written down (just in case). Perhaps, this situation will even rouse you to recording of aphorisms of great people? Then you will be filled day by day with wisdom.

5. Live for 1000 percent! :

the Universe, it is unconditional - it is very wise. If she sees that you suddenly do not pay enough attention to the relatives, she solves a situation here such cardinal measures. Well and that that you appeared out of an access zone ? Devote the formed time to the family. Do a heap of good deeds to neighbors and colleagues. Remember the hobby. Walk after work in park. Quietly sit with friends in cafe, without coming off on the coming SMS - ki. Spend evening with children, having taken seat to watch animated cartoons or creeping on the house with machines.

generally, update life fresh impressions and events. You fine are surprised, having experienced on own skin as there is a lot of interesting and fascinating around you.

And well remember the received lesson: you should not become attached strongly to things. They only serve us, but not we throw everything to be dissolved in them. Close people, meetings and pleasures, opening and surprises - it is much more important than some scraping feature in a pocket. Now you precisely know it! ]