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To eat it is given! I call to a table or What is a catering?

Than attract and America, the country of unlimited opportunities calls us? Of course, the most important opportunity - to work not for foreign uncle, and for itself, darling - to have own business, to develop it, to earn wild money and over time to become Rockefeller. American dream.

Did not pass this temptation and me. Having arrived to America as the bride, having married, having worked as the messenger of newspapers, I decided to try in a field of free business. Having carried out audit of the talents and abilities, I came to a conclusion that best of all I am able (guess from three times? Correctly...) - to prepare!

Having a little thought, I decided that the restaurant takes away too much time and demands too much money for promotion. What remains? Catering?

English the verb cater has three values:

1. to deliver provisions;

2. to serve the viewer, to serve the visitor (about theaters, etc.) ;

3. to try to give pleasure, to please.

Perhaps, it just what is necessary. I am able to prepare, I will be able to serve, to please? I will try. Having a little studied in absentia in business, and also calculation for about 100 portions of people more, I started business. What is the most important in any business? Search of clients. This problem was solved simply. My best friend fast suited couple of parties, I provided food, and business went!

Let`s imagine the following situation. You are the Russian lady in America. You are 50 years old. You want to invite the person of 30 - 40 friends to your anniversary. Your house quite allows to place such number of people comfortably. You have only one problem - you want to sit with friends, to listen to toasts for the health, wishes of happiness and long years of life of the ave. and so forth. And at all not to run with dirty plates and to worry that pies burned...

Here you call me - and problems are solved!

I developed three types of the menu - the VIP (vinaigrette and beer), ShiSh (champagne - caviar - champagne), and something between - type beef Stroganoff and vodka. The prices - corresponding. Also my unlimited opportunities twirled...

Typical order. I come out to the house to the client. I offer versions of the menu. She chooses ShiSh. I report how many will cost. I hear in reply: No, well you understand my position - I have no such money. But I should have a decent party! . Means that the lady wants menu ShiSh for the VIP money. All right, agreed - came to consensus. Approved the menu and the estimate. I receive a half of money for expenses, I begin process. Purchases, preparations (cold appetizers - sacivi, sauerkraut house, the stuffed tomatoes and pepper, paste house, a jelly, herring with onions, caviar sandwiches, eggplant caviar, meat allsorts, assorted fish, Russian salad. Hot appetizers - meat pies, with mushrooms, with cabbage, with rice, with green onions and eggs, julienne from chicken in vol-au-vents. More hotly - meat on - Burgundian, the salmon baked as a garnish - rice on - Creole, vegetables in sauce of Morney. A dessert - " cake; Drunk cherry in " chocolate; house pastries with a name of the birthday woman in two languages, fruit salad, an apple elder in chocolate cups).

There comes day of a celebration. Since morning I come to the client to begin to prepare in reception. Usually mother or the mother-in-law with the following words meets: Well you understand that we also quite would cope with cooking - what there to prepare! But noblesse oblige, whether you know... . Well, our business - to please, the truth? Having gritted teeth, I try. Guests come. Having examined the laid table (see above), some of the arrived ladies, having indulgently patted me shoulder, notices: Well, be not upset, the child, all of us so began - you still will find something decent . Still I do not understand what indecent is in arranging to people a holiday...

The people walk, drink and have a snack, say toasts - evening was successful! After a dessert the husband of the client thanks and pays off. Mother (or the mother-in-law) embraces me and says that such table at them would not turn out. I leave home with the mixed feeling - fed, served, pleased?

After half a year of work I found out that I am at a loss - probably, correspondence course brought... Did not provide with knowledge as to count money... It was necessary to throw dream and to look for other application to the numerous talents. But it will be also other history...]