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Who such - the bad American? Reflections aloud.

I am your nightmare! I am a bad American! I am George Carlin!

I believe what money which I earn belongs to me and my family, but not some mediocre official irrespective of, the democrat it or the republican! I am in harmony with my feelings and I love this state! I think what presence of the weapon at you does not do you by the murderer, it does you by the normal American.

I think, being the representative of minority, you do not become more noble or pursued, and should not acquire any additional rights. I believe that if you sell me a burger, make it in English. I believe that everyone has the right to address his or her God when and where they want.

My heroes - John Vane, the Kid Rat, Roy Rogers, and those who do not recognize Gerry Springer. I do not hate the rich. I do not feel sorry for the poor. I never had the slave and also you were not a slave, however, too! So it is time to close already this subject once and for all. I believe that if you do not like how America is arranged, come back there from where you arrived and change your own country! It is AMERICA.

I want to know in what church the Reverend Jesse Jackson precisely preaches from whom he receives money and why he is always part of a problem, but not its decision.

I think that police officers have the right to shoot at your bum if you run from them. I also think that they have the right to stop you if you break the law irrespective of the fact which you are colors. And, of course, I do not object to show my person on my driver`s license. I think that it - is good... and I am proud that the word God it is written on my money. I think that if you do not understand what is written in the ballot, I would not want that you solved who has to operate the most powerful nation in the world within the next four years.

I do not love the people standing on the intersections trying to sell me something or to force me to have sense of guilt and to make a donation. I believe that the village is not required to bring up the child, two parents are required. And that happens to prices of oil... again? I think, illegal means illegal regardless of the fact that lawyers think. I believe that the American flag has to be the only thing resolved in AMERICA! If it does me by the bad American, then yes, I am a bad American. If you are a bad American also, please send it to everyone whom you know. We want our country back!

I provided this statement of George Carlin completely and literally in anonymous Russian translation (it could be better). Perhaps, the readers using the American websites in English already read this passionate and in own way honest article. She cannot but sit down at memory. On heat it can be compared, perhaps, only to the immortal speech of Martin Luther King: I have a Dream Here to what brought games into democracy and political correctness. Here so everyone thinks white radical " today; bad the American - the patriot. You do not need to explain any more about whom his words. About immigrants, not - Christians, about liberals, about not - white, about atheists and the government for which he will not vote if gasoline goes up. It will begin to shoot.

Such as George, with sheep-dogs patrol lengthways Ale - Paso (border with Mexico), armed cap-a-pie, and badger dogs of pregnant Mexicans. But much of what he proclaims is absolutely fair: the Hasid at the airport saw a fir-tree and Merry Christmas! also condemned the airport for lack of the poster Happy Hanukkah! . The Arab refused to unveil from a face for photography on the driver`s license - the only main document of the American! And it after 9/11! Black demanded from the government of monetary compensation for slavery of their great-grandfathers. Simpson - the double murderer - was acquitted only on skin color! 5 Indian states conceived to separate from the USA!

In Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities of Russia there are already whole residential districts of residents of other countries and cultures. We will talk about it. It is pleasant to you? Or Russians want the country too back?

As all of us long nodded that in truly democratic society happily and peacefully all cultures and religions get on as we were proud of our American liberalism! All themselves was held up as an example. We have no slaughter or Chechnya. But here he is George Carlin. He wants the country back. As Muscovites from Caucasians the markets. As Ukraine to get rid of Russians. And vice versa. (Kondopoga to that example recent). How words the Chechen, the Georgian became curses at the Russian raised on Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky? Hagi - Murat not to re-read?

The cut Indians, corpses in a case at each white pervoimmigrant are forgotten, the natives who accepted pilgrims not povyrezavshy them out of cave humanity are forgotten (too people though freaks and drunkards!) . America white inflates for rage for values of founding fathers - freedom and a new order. Russia inflates for anger to foreigners. Wants the country back.

One half of my soul with this anger. I want too that it did not vote if cannot read the bulletin, and the burger - I want that it was sold in English. But other half asks me: how many pilgrims learned language of the tribe of Cherokee, Apaches when landed from Mae Flower? In what language they bought food from the Indian? Every fifth in the world - the Chinese. Isn`t it time also for us that? To begin to study language?

We will not get up from all fours until then and we will not reject an unnecessary tail, we will not learn to understand yet that a ball one and the Lord created it for all equally. And everyone, given rise by the woman, is equal to another, given rise by the woman.

And that my blond child is equal to the African pitch or Asian yellowish. And that patriotism is good until he points a finger at alien. And that beat kikes! - not from patriotism, and from lameness. And that the Georgian to me especially the brother that Pirosmani is better I did not see, and he from Pushkin will shed tears. And therefore that my granddaughter in one sandbox sits with the Sudanese`s son, and it has no best friend today. Also they from - for toys in the same way as children in a Petersburg dusty court yard will fight. They are to cry in Sudanese knees, this is in my sickly Petersburg. And in a minute - love - also do not pour carrots - water! Aha, I want the country back! Is not present, let as is. And that each person has the right to live on the uniform planet Earth where he wants and when he wants.

Another matter, you will arrive, the reader, to Yemen, China, Bolivia - comply the new place - learn language and do not demand the right to remain in a burqa, being photographed on the document. Or the Hanukkah - Ramadan for their Christmas. Otherwise all will want the country back. And the name to it is civil war. Because already for today we are stirred by the Lord in a bowl evenly how a medley in Russian salad and where today Ale - Paso? Borders remained only in ourselves, and frontier posts remained only on cards. About internal customs my conversation, about our tolerance and immigration courtesy.

The Lord created us. Has a look - has a look and it was terrified - turned away. Let`s now understand. A hem it is necessary not to be closed, solve. What to you, the reader, prevents to fall in love with the Nigerian, the Pole, the Afghan, the Turk, the Norwegian? What do you have against?

Whether it is pleasant to you bad American? To me not yet. It is necessary to fly into a rage before still, but Haji Murat does not give.]