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How to replace a household gas cylinder?

Household gas cylinders found a wide circulation among summer residents and owners of own houses where there is no centralized system of gas supply.

Household gas cylinders are capacities for storage of the propane used as fuel for stoves.

Most often in life seven kinds of cylinders are used.

Cylinders for storage of gas differ not only on the volume (5, 12, 27 and 50 liters), but also on a design. For example, cylinders on 5, 12, 27 liters are issued two designs - with the valve of CB - 2 or the WB gate - 2 GOST 21804 - 94. From the point of view of safety, I consider as more preferable the cylinders equipped with the gate. In the cylinders equipped with the valve for connection the special quick-detachable reducer (see drawing) is used in which connection the gas leak which to find rather difficult from - for limited access zones is sometimes formed. Therefore gas flash, and also the fire is possible.

The cylinders equipped with gates to which the reducer with the gas pipeline by means of a cap nut is connected possess the most successful and reliable design. (see drawing) Reducers balloon propane household are intended to

for pressure decline of the gas arriving from a cylinder and automatic maintenance of the set pressure at gas-flame processing.

As a rule, the union of a reducer connects to the main hose of the gas pipeline. Regardless of a design, fastening of a hose on the union of a reducer is carried out by means of the special buckle assembly which tightening happens to the help of the screw.

Fastening of a reducer to a cylinder happens a miscellaneous and depends on a design of cylinders. To the cylinders equipped with valves, the reducer

is connected by its clothing on a mouth of the valve of the cylinder having a special rubber sealing ring.

at the same time during putting on of a reducer on a valve mouth on a reducer is tightened a ring of the mechanism of latching of a reducer which is released after landing of a reducer into place.

To cylinders, equipped with gates, the reducer is connected by a threaded connection on the union of the gate and a cap nut of a reducer.

The inhaling of a nut is made by Rozhkov a key. Between the union of the gate and a cap nut of a reducer special laying which has to be given in point of replacement of a cylinder is established. Recycling of laying is not allowed.

After connection of gas cylinders it is necessary to check density of connections and lack of leak of gas. This check is carried out by means of foamy (soap) foamy solution which by means of a brush covers all connections. Then the gate of a cylinder opens and visual supervision over the applied foam is made. If swelling of foam or formation of bubbles is not revealed, then connections meet the set tightness conditions. Not less than two times are recommended to make check, and every time needs to be put soap solution.

Check of tightness of connections with the help of matches or other sources of naked flame, and also electric discharges is strictly forbidden.

Be extremely attentive, and you take pleasure from well performed work!]